Thursday, May 8, 2008

Mothers Around the World - It's Love All The Same

Dear women of the world, mother's of past and future generations,

When you feel no one understands your burden think of me. I understand. I know how you sacrifice everyday so your children can have what they need. I know how you fear for their safety. I know you go to sleep at night dreaming of the future and wondering if today you did the right thing. Was it all you could do?

Should you have punished you daughter when she slacked on her chores? Do you yell too much? Do you give in too quickly? Are you passing on your family traditions? Do your children really know you love them? How will you stretch the little bit of food you have left? Where will you sleep tomorrow night?

I see you in your mansions, in your two-story colonials, in your modest brick ranches, in your apartments, in your huts, in the shelters, on the streets.

I see you hugging your polished children, your smiling children, your hungry children, and your sick children. When all of commerce is stripped away we are the same, aren't we?

Life flows from our bodies. We are the vessel of man's existence. We are forever connected to each other through blood, through DNA, and through spirit. Honor who you truly are - the mothers of the planet.

We worry and we love. We give and we bleed. We laugh and we teach. We feed, starving ourselves so our children have more, just a little more to help them grow. We barter and we protest. We discipline and we soothe. We mend and we create.

What price can be placed on this honor? says you are worth over $100,000 per year. Do you believe it?

The Bible says you are worth more than the jewels and the riches of the Earth? Do you believe it?

The Koran says that Heaven lies at the feet of your mother. Do you believe it?

You are priceless dear mothers of the world. You are powerful. You are influential. You are transformative. You, above anyone else, have the ability to shape the future. Don't be silent when you have valuable insight to share. Don't scream when a soft voice could change a hard heart. Don't believe you are less than or unimportant because you don't draw a paycheck for what you do.

Thank you. I hope your families’ thank you in whatever way they can – hugs, cards, letters, flowers, a day off, a smile.

I’m sending my love and gratitude to all the mother’s of humanity. You are my sisters and I love you. Never give in. Never give up. Never lose faith. You hold the beauty and the tragedy of the world in your soft hands. It's a hard burden to bear...I know.

I know.


Melissa said...

Beautiful post. I especially will be thinking of all the mothers in Myanmar this year and praying for them and their children.

Lynda Lehmann said...

Lisa, this is SOOO eloquent and beautifully said! Wonderful writing. This should be preserved and become part of a book. I hope you have saved a hard copy!

You were clearly quite inspired when you wrote this. The passion comes across!

Thanks for a wonderful piece of writing and expression of feeling for both our challenge and our commonality!

Lisa McGlaun said...

Melissa, heart breaks for them.


Lisa McGlaun said...


I'm flattered. Thank you for the kind words. I did save a copy and now that you mentioned would be a great forward for my memoir or some future project about motherhood. Thanks fo the idea!


Lynda Lehmann said...

Lisa, it's a great piece of writing! Wonderful flow of words, phrasing, and ideas... :)


BookMomma said...

Simply lovely. Thanks for posting!

Lisa McGlaun said...

Hi Stephnie,

Thanks! Good to hear from you. Miss you!