Monday, May 12, 2008

Good Things - A Not So Complete List

Take one of these good books to the beach or to the backyard to relax.

The Miracle Letters of T. Rimberg by Geoff Herbach – an irrerverant and inventive look at mistakes and miracles. Full of life lessons, laughter and tears. The best book I’ve read in a long time.

The Anatomy of Peace by The Arbinger Institute – This book could change the world if we all read it and followed it’s principles.

The Moms’ Book, for the Mom who’s best at everything - This was a gift from my daughter on mother’s day. It’s fun and entertaining reading.

Nourish your body with one of these good foods.

Eden Selected Snacks – Fruits and nuts that give you energy to get you through the day. My favorite are the pumpkin seeds and the Pistachios.

Anything you grow in your own garden – Nothing beats fresh vegetables from your backyard. You know they are pesticide free and vine ripened because you’re the gardener.

Earth Balance Buttery Spread – My favorite butter (well, not really butter). It’s smooth. It spreads well and cooks well. It’s trans-fat free, lactose free and gluten free. But best of all it tastes just like a tub of whipped butter. It’s all I buy unless I’m making Christmas cookies then I have to have real butter.

Be a good citizen by exercising your rights.

Encourage your friends to register to vote. Be more proactive by participating in the national get out and vote campaigns.

Educate yourself on how the political system in your country works. An informed citizen is a smart citizen.

Participate in local government. If you want something to change this is where it starts. It’s true that change happens from the bottom up not the top down.

Recognize the good people around you.

Call an old friend and renew the relationship.

When you look at the faces of strangers see the face of someone you love (or at least like).

Slow down so you can see and feel the needs of others.

Fill your mind with good thoughts.

Find news outlets, like National Public Radio, that give balanced reporting to all sides of an issue.

When you talk about your life talk about the happy things that happen instead of complaining.

When talking to your friends, steer them away from negative or gossipy conversation. Make a game out of seeing how many times you can get them to smile.


Peter said...

Hi! You got me on the last one. I always make a habit of changing the subject when negatives are brought up. So much so, that the only smile that comes up is mine.

Take Care,

Lisa McGlaun said...


That's funny. Are you saying you are so positive that it's annoying?

Best Wishes,