Monday, May 19, 2008

Greg Gadson - Living the Journey Right Now

Greg Gadson is a Lt. Colonel in the United States Army's Warrior Transition Brigade. He loves football, actually he excelled at football in high school and was a starting linebacker for West Point Military Academy from 1986-1989. He is a natural born leader, the kind of guy you'd be looking for on the battlefield or the football field.
Gadson suffered serious injury in Iraq which required the amputation of both legs from the knees down. While recovering at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Gadson received a visit from an old college friend, Mike Sullivan, now the wide receivers coach for the New York Giants.

Sullivan recalled, "This man had suffered so much yet he was so happy to see me." The coach brought his friend a signed Giants Jersey, number 98, the same number Gadson wore in college at West Point. Little did he know then that Gadson would give back to the Giants something much more valuable than a team jersey.

The Giants team was floundering. Three months after the visit, Sullivan sent an invitation to Gadson, asking if he would come talk to the team before their game against the Washington Redskins. Having lost the first two games of the season, the team had already given up and seemed to be playing without a heart. Sullivan believed that Greg might be just the inspiration they needed.
The night before the Redskin's game, Gadson spoke candidly to the team. "You have an obligation not only to your employer but to each other to do your best, he told the Giants. You're playing for each other. When you find a way to do things greater than you thought you could, something you couldn't do as an individual, a bond is formed that will last forever." After a few moments of silence the room erupted into applause.

Gadson was at many of the games during the Giant's Superbowl winning season. Several times when a touchdown was made, the team member gave the ball to him. He sat on the sidelines in freezing temperatures during the Superbowl to show his support. The Giants give him credit as the motivator for their turn around.

Physically, Gadson is making progress. He spends hours each day in rehab. He uses a wheelchair or two canes to walk on special artificial legs that utilize BlueTooth technology for smooth movement. He is looking forward to a time when he will be back on active duty with the Unit he loves so much.

Greg Gadson is an American hero. With Memorial Day fast approaching, please remember the men and women serving our country, especially the ones who have sacrificed so much.


franscud said...

Hi Lisa,
That's a very inspirational story, and it's good to read positive stories about our returning vets. No matter how we feel about the war itself, we need to give them as much support and thanks as we can after the sacrifices they've made.

Lisa McGlaun said...


I feel the same way. Life is hard enough without losing both your legs. Gadson is a vet and it is so important that he have our support but what got me about this story was his attitude about it all. I wonder if I could be so strong.


operationlegacy said...

Greg Gadson is an American Military Hero.
We need to contact him.

Dr. Charles A. Macias Psy.D.
United States Marine

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Greg, hello again. This is Dr. Charles A. Macias of Operation Legacy. (United States Marine) If you are ever in Los Angeles, CA. we need to meet. You are doing great service to our American Freedom by serving in the military. As a United States Marine I feel just as gung-ho as I did back in 1967 in boot camp. Keep up the great work and keep the faith. God Bless you. Signing out.......... Dr. Charles A. Macias United States Marine Co-author of Operation Legacy a percentage of all book sales goes to a military charity.

Dr. Charles A. Macias Psy.D.
United States Marine
Co-author of Operation Legacy
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