Tuesday, August 28, 2007

rethos.com - Vehicle for Change

I am very excited about rethos.com. I can't wait to see exactly what they have to offer and browse the profiles of fellow instigators...I like that title. This is what I know so far:

rethos.com is the world’s first online social network and media portal devoted to uniting individuals, non-profit organizations, and socially responsible businesses to generate solutions to pressing social and environmental issues. As a platform for change, rethos.com enables users to receive comprehensive information, unite with allies who share a common passion and purpose, and take urgently needed action.

The site goes live on September 1st. Joining is easy. Just fill in your email and choose from a list of social issues you are passionate about, then rethos will send you emails with updates and a notification to come build your profile.

Rethos.com has been dubbed “myspace with a conscience.” The concept uses the power of social networking to break down barriers of race and geography, thereby enabling its members to unite in addressing these problems.

I hope to use my profile to meet likeminded individuals with whom I can partner to do some real live good in the world. Here's to making the dream a reality.

I'll update everyone as I go along...or better yet, sign up and go on the adventure with me.


franscud said...

Sounds great ... count me in :).

Lisa McGlaun said...


I'm hoping it turns out to be everything they profess. I posted to the discussion board on BC about it and some people are skeptical about the hype.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,
This sounds great, where and when do I sign up?
Mom McGlaun

Lisa McGlaun said...

Go to www.rethos.com and click the join button.

Talk to you soon. Love you,

Nellioness said...

Nice blog you have here Lisa. I like the posts. The "Slavery" post is especially thought-provoking. Best wishes and be in touch!!!


Lisa McGlaun said...

Thanks Nelly,

I like your work, too. Spent some time there yesterday purusing your posts.

Come back any time and contribute to the conversation all you want.


May said...

how exciting and what a great video!

Have you been to change.org yet? It sounds somewhat similar to what rethos.com is doing in that it's focused on advocacy. It's definitely worth a look.

Lisa McGlaun said...


I don't know anything about change.org but I will check them out. Sounds interesting. If it's like rethos.com that would be great. I don't think you can have too many advocate type places for people to connect. Variety is essential to reaching the critical mass needed for change to happen.

Thanks for the comment and please come back any time.