Friday, August 31, 2007

Blog Day 2007 - Five Blogs That Captivate My Mind and Touch My Heart

Today is blog Day 2007! Each blog owner that participates lists their 5 favorite blogs, ones that they visit often, as much as every day. This gives me the opportunity to point out Bloggers who deserve some recognition.

Blogging can be a lonely task. As a writer, it feels good to get my thoughts out but also, as a writer, I long to be read. There are trackers and counters that let me know if anyone is listening but often, especially in the beginning, I felt like I was working within a vacuum with no one to bounce ideas off but myself.

Since becoming more involved in the blogging community, I don't feel that way anymore. Most days I get a few comments. I love that! And the feedback from the members of Blog Catalog has been so exciting. I'm glad that what I post about resonates with people. Maybe it will move someone to action or maybe it will just make them think. Either way, reader participation has made my experience with blogging much more meaningful. I thank each of you, especially Peter at Scruffyhippo's Blog, for adding me to his list for Blog Day.

Blog day 2007, gives me a chance to direct you to a few blogs that have captivated me, more for the unique voice of their owners than the slick look of the page. They are beautiful to me because of the people who run them. They put their psyches and hearts on the line with each post. I can only say thanks for opening my eyes and allowing me a glimpse into the windows of your souls.

Here is my list. Please visit these blogs. If you enjoy them, let the owners know that they are not writing inside a vacuum and their thoughts and ideas are heard.

The Wishful Writer - I can't say enough about Heather. I plug her blog every chance I get. The only way to describe my fascination with her writing is to say that she gently pulls me into her living room, sits me down in a comfortable chair, and laughs and cries with me like an old friend. She's my own personal Hollis Gillespie and that is a BIG compliment.

Eavesdrop Writer - She works in law enforcement. She writes. She listens in on other people's conversations. How cool is that! This is another blog that I send love to whenever I can. In transcript-like form, Vienne shares the overheard details. What I love most is she is an observer and let's me draw my own conclusions about the people she's encountered. No judgment, just great fodder for my building the characters in my next short story or novel.

Caught In The Stream - Pointedly political but also extremely intimate. I love this blog because Francis is clearly a highly intelligent man. When I spend time with his blog, I imagine Francis saying, "Why sure, Lisa, you can pick my brain for a little while. What do you want to know?"
He also has a unique habit of searching out obscure songs whose lyrics fit the theme of his post. Which I think is brilliant!

OMYWORD! Did I Say That? - Lisa Wines is what I want to be. Enough said, except I should probably explain. She lives life on her own terms. she opinionated, funny, deeply thoughtful, strong and fearless. Every post makes me laugh but what holds me is not the laughter, it's the fact that for the rest of the day I think about what she said and wonder why I never thought of it that way before.

Lisa McMann - My friend, Lisa, is the author of two young adult novels, Wake and Fade. Wake is set to hit the shelves next spring. Her website updates her progress. She is an inspiration to me. Just as Lisa Wines is what I want to be in personal life, Lisa McMann is my beacon in the dark fuzzy world of publishing. She's ahead of me in the process and gracious enough to look back and shine a flashlight in my direction. Come hither, dear writer, this is the (that's me laughing in chat lingo, in case you didn't know).

Those are my five but I could go on and on. I've discovered so many wonderful blogs while surfing through Blog Catalog and other resources. I'd love to give them all some love. There is time, I'll have to be patient.


thewishfulwriter said...

I am absolutely humbled by your nomination of my blog and by your warm review of it. Especially because I think so highly of your blog, your writing and the heart you put into every post.

You are an inspiration and your thought-provoking posts have made me recall long-forgotten memories. There are several posts on my blog that would not exist if not for you.

So thank you. For EVERYTHING. And I can't wait to check out everyone else's blog. I know Lisa Wine's blog (a daily stop of mine as well) - I could not BE in better company!


Scruffyhippo said...

Thankyou for the mention Lisa, again what a wonderful list, I will looking closer at those you have nominated :)

Craig Photography said...

I was reading your blog today and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your "Compassion" posting...

Peace ~ John

OMYWORD! said...

Lisa, thanks so very much for the mention and I am so flattered that you ponder things I say over time. I think we all have our own unique voice...and where yours seems smooth and peaceful to me, my own seems sharp and snarky. So I come over here to calm down. :-) Yin/Yang! It is a great thing that we get the opportunity to know each other. I feel very gifted with this funny thing that we do called blogging.

Lisa McGlaun said...

You're welcome. I think your wonderful and want you to reach the widest audience possible.

Any time and thank you first.

I'm glad to know that you liked the post. There is alot of good information in the article by the Dalai Lama. Please come by again sometime.

I'm happy to be the ying to your yang or is the yang to your ying...I'll take either way!


Anna said...

Hi Lisa, congrats.
Anna :)
PS I got one too from Peter, cool concept.

franscud said...

Hi Lisa,

Thanks so much for the glowing write up. I think I'm the one who should actually be picking your brain, as I love what you do on LifePrints. I can be a little gloomy :). Congrats again on the big news!

Lisa McGlaun said...


I saw that Pete included you. I think that was great and I agree with him about your photos..just goregous.


Lisa McGlaun said...


I don't find you Not at all.

Have a great weekend.


Armand Rousso said...

These are very good blog. They surely merits that we focus on what they've written.

Armand Rousso

Lisa McGlaun said...

Thank you Armand,

I think they deserve the encouragement.

Come back any time and join the conversation.


Lisa McMann said...

Wow, speechless! Thanks so much for the mention, Lisa! And to think I posted a dorky tale of my escapade to the bookstore yesterday -- hope everyone doesn't go "huh? She likes THIS blog?"


Thank you.

Lisa McGlaun said...


That's okay..they'll keep going back. I think everyone that visits will get excited about Wake and want a copy for the young adult reader in their lives. It's a facinating premise. I can't wait to read it myself.

Best Wishes,