Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Big Ten - a MeMe About Desires and Change

Pete, the owner of ScruffyHippo, , tagged me to participate in a meme. This is new to me and maybe to some of you reading.

A meme is an idea, project, statement or even a question that is posted by one blog and responded to by other blogs. Although the term encompasses much of the natural flow of communication in the Blogosphere, there are active bloggers and blog sites that are dedicated to the creation of memes on a regular basis, so a meme involves 'tagging' another blogger to do a post on the given subject.

The subject of this meme is 10 Things I Want to Do Before I Die. As I get older and look back on my life, I wish I’d taken more chances and not been so afraid of everything and dependent on someone else to shape my perceptions of the world around me. I like to think I have a good six decades ahead of me to live fearlessly, with my hair blowing in the wind, afraid of nothing.

Before my time is up I’d like to:

Travel to Africa, live and work for a short time in a typical village or small town, keeping a journal of the people I meet.

Own a house in the mountains of Northern New Mexico.

Be a prolific, best selling author like Jodi Picoult.

Go on a very long cruise with my best friend, my husband.

Ride in a hot air balloon.

Participate in a marathon.

Own a little red sports car (must be energy efficient or I’ll have to forget about this one)

Meet at least one of my heros, people who inspire me.

Help get a homeless person off the street and into a comfortable life.

Share in the productive, happy lives of my children.
I'm adding another list, 10 Changes I'd Like To See In The World Before I Die. This, to me, is much more important:

The redistribution of food supplies and economic priorities so that every child eats every day.

Community gardens instead of community parking lots.

Openness and acceptance in the Christian Faith instead of judgment and retribution.

Using cooperation to solve our differences instead of litigation and war.

Politicians serve the people instead of themselves.

Humans understand synergy and no longer try to dominate all living things.

The end of the AIDS epidemic.

A time when faith unites us instead of divides us.

Neighborhoods where we all know each other's names.

An awakening of the masses to quickly implement solutions to end our climate crisis.

The fun part of a meme is tagging another blogger to participate. I tag August, the owner of 1000 Holiday Photos, Have fun, my friend!


Scruffyhippo said...

Brilliant Lisa, what an amazing list, or should I say two lists, thankyou for sharing your thoughts.

thewishfulwriter said...

Many of those on your list are also on mine.

I try to NOT say "I'll do that sometime" - because i don't do it and suddenly, five years have passed.

I write down what I want to do on a list. Prioritize that list. and try to mark off one or two a year.

this year i bought a new bra. CHECK. :)

Lisa McGlaun said...

Heather! You make me how long do you keep the average bra? that's the question.


Thanks. This was a good exercise. I had to really think until I was satisfied with my answers.

Have a good day both of you!

V said...

Hi Lisa, thanks for visiting my blog. Love your list! Some very thoughtful and important changes to be made. Hopefully we're on our way to see these changes before we pass on.

Lisa McGlaun said...

Thanks V, glad to have you around. I'm praying hard that some of my list, especially the first one (food for everyone) happens very soon.


Kali said...

Hi Again Lisa,

Wow. I can see you put some incredible thought into your lists. The second list, what you would like to see change in the world, is a nice hard slap in the face that we all need at some time. Most of the people close to us will live the majority of their loves with all of life's necessities. When we really stop and think, life isn't that bad, is it now?

Lisa McGlaun said...

Kali, my friend!

So good to see you here. You are right. Many of us don't realize or are blind to the poverty that millions of people live in.

My children have been known to whine and complain because my husband and I are vegetarians and I rarely cook meat for them. My oldest even refuses to eat at times because "it's not what he wants".

I look at him and think, "You don't even have a clue." But I keep trying, love him anyway and someday he will understand.

Best wishes...come by again!