Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Nice Matters Award - Spreading Kindness Across the Net

My friend, Shari Thomas from Shari's Gone Country, not only runs a farm with a few of her friends and writes a heart-warming blog about country life, she took the time to pass on the Nice Matters Award. I am one of her lucky recipients!

Shari says, "With all the negativity in the world, Genevieve (Bella-Enchanted) took it upon herself to start this award, which emphasizes the "power of nice", the power of inspiration, of teaching, of service."

Wow, I couldn't feel more honored because that is exactly what LifePrints embodies for me - the power of inspiration and service to others. I appreciate that Shari got it and "gets" me and what I'm attempting to do with my blog.

It's my pleasure to pass on this award to seven people that have brought a bit of niceness (is that even a real word?) into my life. Please accept my thanks for the kindness you've shown me and send the Nice Matters Award on to seven more deserving people who've made your day a little better. Kudos to all of you!

1) Daniel at Wrath of Daniel -

Daniel runs a great music blog with free MP3's. Every month he picks a theme and lists songs that fit. Not long ago I let him know that I was eagerly awaiting the August list and one day later, poof, there it was! A new list! He turned me on to my new favorite song by Ben Lee. Thanks, Daniel!

2)Marilyn at Marilyn's Non-Violent Planet Newspage -

Marilyn tells me that we are kindred spirits and I believe her. We share the same blogger template, a similar blog theme, and almost identical world views. Got to love her for that!

3) August at Joethegamers Blog and 1000 Holiday Pictures -

August is a great guy. He attempted to teach me Danish so that I could read his blog. Doesn't get any more accommodating than that! I admire what he is doing with his quest to collect holiday photos from around the world. It's a wonderful way to share our special moments.

4) Adam at WeDreaming -

He gave me a great compliment that really lifted my spirits. And, yes, you do get back what you put out into this world. So here you go, Adam and here's to the deserving person that is you!

5) Bob at Blackholes and Astrostuff -

Bob shares my husband's passion for astronomy. He was kind enough to listen while I rambled on about our dream to own a creative arts/astronomy retreat in the mountains of New Mexico. I'm hoping for a visit from him when we open and have our telescopes up and running!

6) Ruthie at The Day Breaks... -

Ruthie is a new friend who I stumbled upon while searching for others who love the music of Joe Hedges, I took a chance and told her that he's one of my favorites, too. She graciously responded and we exchanged strange stories about how we found out about him. I'm glad I met her.

7) Ariana at Poetry N Jewels -

Ariana and I have an affinity for poetry, the color lavender and all things beaded. I'm enjoying getting to know her and I'm sure we will find even more things in common.

I know some of you manly men might not want to display this daintily designed award and that's okay, just pass it on, keep the power of nice going and know that on at least one occasion, you've made this girl blogger smile.


Bob Johnson said...

Hi Lisa, thanks very much for the award, does it come in blue,lol, I will definitely pass it around, you are a very nice person, very worthy of this award.

Lisa McGlaun said...

Sorry about the color. I know it doesn't go well with your serious space theme but what can I do?

Pass it on in good health.

NeoAuteur said...

Looks like a nice list of sites. I'll visit some of them.

Lisa McGlaun said...


Their definately worth it. At least they are some of my favorites, mainly because of the wonderful people who run them.


JustCate said...

Just wanted to say that I like your blog and I especially like the bit about "spreading kindness across the net".

August - AKA - Joethegamer said...

Thx For the Award it was really nice of you i a priciat that

Danish Love from august

La delirante said...


Lisa McGlaun said...

You're welcome. Have fun passing on the award.

Cate and Wen,
Thanks for the kind words.

Have a great day,

ruthie said...


Thank you for the award! I must say you deserve it, too! How refreshing to meet someone like you.

I really love your blog and will visit often.

I am sorry for being tardy in responding. I have been out of town and am now back to work.

It was the first day of school,at the elementary school where I work, today. Things seem to settle down after about a week. I am looking forward to posting more on my blog when the dust settles.

Yes, Nice Matters, and you are a good example. Thanks for making my day!

Keep in touch!
Your friend,