Wednesday, October 24, 2007

No Signal - A Weekly Meme Challenge from Eavesdrop Writer

My friend, Vienne, overhears conversations of the people around her then as an impartial observer, shares them with us on her blog, The Eavesdrop Writer. Her blog gives valuable insight into human behavior and is always an interesting read. She's created a Meme challenge that the writer in me can't resist.

Here is how it works - This is a weekly meme where readers continue Vienne's overheard conversation. Click on the above button. It will open the Eavesdrop Writer. After reading her post entitled No Signal, please close the window to return to LifePrints to read my unique ending to the story.

I've added a challenge to myself - to give the conversation an ending that fits the theme of my blog. So in this case, I must find a win-win situation for the people involved. Considering the situation, it took me a few days before the solution dawned on me.

Here is my ending to Vienne's Eavesdrop Ending Meme:

As the squatter scribbles on the scrap of paper, I see a young man wearing a baseball cap approach. He taps the squatter on the shoulder. The squatter jerks around, still angry and full of adrenaline. I can't hear what the young man says but the squatter's face relaxes. He smiles and puts the cap on his pen. The young man motions toward the building, walks away and gets into a jeep parked by the front door. He waits there for the squatter to drive around. When they are in perfect position for the exchange, the young man backs out and waves as he drives away. The squatter waves back and takes his place in the prime parking spot. I can tell he feels vindicated by the way he carries himself when he steps out of the car.

Now..that is my win-win solution. What do you think?

I've been in a car when the driver was so angry about a "stolen" parking place that he ripped the windshield wipers off the offending car after the driver had walked out of sight. There is no need for that kind of behavior. Life is too short to get so wrapped up in where we park.

I recently read somewhere ( if I could remember where I'd give credit, I think it was the Wishful Writer) about a woman who prays to her parking angel as she enters a crowded parking lot. Sounds funny but I bet it works...on so many levels, I believe that's much better than resorting to arguments and vandalism over something that in the fullness of my life doesn't even matter one iota.


Vienne said...

Fantastic, Lisa! Yours is the first positive ending. Isn't that interesting? I must admit I've been cheering on the endings where the Hummer man gets what he 'deserves'. I guess that's a flaw of human nature, to seek revenge instead of taking the high road (at least my nature in this context!). I thank you so much for participating and bringing a positive spin to the collection. I hope you'll continue to create positive endings for my meme! That would be fun and also fascinating. Also, nice job working with the code! Vienne

eam said...

Wow! What an unexpected, beautiful ending that was. Surely you have given this a positive, soft side. What you read on 'road rage' isn't even the worse. I've read similar incidents- fighting for a parking spot- where the aggressor actually ends up shooting or stabbing the other party. Imagine, how much hatred can consume somebody to take someone else's life over such trivial matter?!

I would never go in that direction on my writings but like Vienne, I tend to believe that everyone should get their just 'rewards'- good or bad. Hence my own ending- As you sow so shall you reap... Well done on yours! I liked it!

Lisa McGlaun said...


This was lots of fun. In all honesty, I love to write horror and dark endings when I write fiction. I thought of about a dozen of those. I just didn't want to use them here. It was much harder to come up with a compassionate way to resovle the conflict.

Can't wait for the next one..:)


Lisa McGlaun said...


I read your ending. I liked what you did with the conversation. Even out with all the endings I thougth of I didn't think to go the way you did. I love how the creative mind works!

Thanks for the comment.

Best wishes,

Anonymous said...
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