Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Ann McGee of Miracle Flights for Kids - Honored as a Shero

I've long admired Ann McGee. Back in June I posted, Wings of Hope - Miracle Flights for Kids, about her organization, Miracle Flights for Kids, and the valuable work they do to ensure that sick children have transportation to and from specialized treatment. I'm not talking about a ride across town. I'm talking about private and domestic flights to far off cities where the best specialists can provide second opinions on a rare diseases and important treatments.

In June alone Ms. McGee and the staff of her nonprofit handled the coordination of 717 free flights, the most ever in a 30 day period. Since its inception in 1985, they have assisted sick and disabled children in 22 countries, including Mexico and Canada.

During a September 26th ceremony in Las Vegas, NV, Ms. McGee was named Shero of the Heart by Project Shero. Project Shero honors women who are admired for their courage, good deeds and giving spirits. Project Shero is a local nonprofit whose motto is "Educating girls and celebrating women." They offer enrichment programs promoting self-esteem and self-efficacy to at-risk girls between the ages of 5 to 13.

Ms. McGee says, " I'm proud to receive the award for the work I do. Project Shero is such a good organization for young girls."

Anne McGee is well known in her city for her accomplishments and her ability to quickly pull together the resources to make the impossible possible for these needy children. Without her many would languish with substandard care or be completely misdiagnosed for lack of access to a second opinion by experts in the field. Las Vegas is very proud of her.


Emmy said...

What a great program, we need more people like this in the world.

Lisa McGlaun said...


I agree. She does such great work and is so helpful in the community. Definately a person to look up to.


anonymous said...

This is a great program.However, the organization overall is not being run properly.Mrs. Mcgee along with her husband are taking exhorbant salaries to feed their extravagant lifestyle.These monies could be used to assist more chilren.Take a look at the 990 that was filed for this organization.She should take less salary and provide more services.Also, the turnover rate of the organization is very high due to the treatment of employees.Maybe you should take a better look at people before honoring them for such prestigious awards.Read the article in the Las Vegas Review Journal and you too will see how poorly she runs the organization. The watchdogs are on to her and hopefully it won't be long before the powers to be in the state of Nevada will rectify this abhorrant situation.

Lisa McGlaun said...


I allowed your comment because all points of view are welcome on my blog but it is really disgraceful to leave remarks like this about another person and not be willing to leave your name.

I don't know about Ms. McGee's business practices. Like all of us, she's probably doing the best she can and could always do better.


Anonymous said...

What this person said is true. Very little funding is used to go toward the actual assistance of families. More is spent on her salary and marketing the organization. If you go onto the various sites that rate charities, they actually have a poor rating. More could be done for not only needy children but needy adults if less was spent on the marketing. By the way, Mrs. McGee was famous for saying "Just because I started a charity does not mean I took a vow of poverty." She pays her employees very little but then splurges on $50,000 European Hot Air Ballon vacations. I'm sure it was from her personal funds but if she was really so dedicated, why not take a normal vacation that cost less and donate back to the charity. She sure expected the employees to make a contribution out of their check every payday. It is a wonderful program and it does help needy children but it is very mismanaged. The only reason we post as anonymous is due to fear of the retribution we may receive because we know what is happening behind closed doors.