Monday, October 1, 2007

Lu Zijian

Most everyone wants to live as long as possible but only with the caveat of good health and sound mind until the end.

Watch and learn from Kung Fu Master, Lu Zijian. He was 93 years old when this was filmed during a competition. He is still thriving at 114. He has the agility and mind of someone ¼ his age. I find this so amazing and as I watched him gracefully moving across the floor as sense of peace came over me. What he does is absolutely beautiful. To what does he credit his longevity?

Mr. Lu said, "The key to a long and healthy life is a combination of movement and stillness—cultivating life by guiding the qi, the vital energy in the body, and moving the hands and feet through practicing Chinese boxing."

Simply that means, he gets up at 7 a.m. every day, practices kung fu in the morning, meditates, paints, reads, and visits friends in the afternoon. He is as alive, alert, and as amusing as any young man. He is a vegetarian refraining from eating meat or fish. His favorite food is tomatoes. He meditates for an hour and a half starting at 2 p.m., goes to bed at 11 p.m., and lives at his grandson's home. He told others a secret: eat raw tomatoes every day.

I grew up in a family where most of my relatives were of advanced age by the time I was born. My paternal grandmother lived until she was 95. Up until the last year of her life, she gardened, cleaned house, worked in her yard, and hung all of her laundry out to dry on a line. Her eyesight had failed her but she continued to do everything she loved that didn’t require reading. She ate mostly fresh vegetables from her garden and sweetened her food with honey from my father’s bees. She prayed daily as her form of meditation and loved to visit with friends.

I’d say she and Lu Zijian understand the secrets to a long life – natural living, meditative thought, abstinence from abusive substances, and a happy disposition. In watching and honoring the vital elderly in our society, we have a clear roadmap to healthy older years. Follow it and greatly increase your chances of never seeing the living inside the walls of a nursing home and making your own amazing video at your 100th birthday party!


thewishfulwriter said...

wow. seriously, before i read your post, i was going to blow off going to the gym (which i haven't been to in 4 months) and had decided what the hell - i was going to order a pizza and sit on my butt.

i've just been inspired and am looking forward to working out again.


Lisa McGlaun said...


Lu Zijian is an inspiration. My husband does Tai Chi so after watching this he took me out on the deck to teach me the first few moves. It's harder than it looks. I want to be not just alert in my 90's..I want to be a little


Keli said...

Yet again an excellent blog entry! I love reading about inspiring people who live an admirable life. I think a "happy dispositon" is the main ingredient.

Lisa McGlaun said...

You may be right about the happy disposition part. I think stress is a major factor in the aging process. Happy people definately have less stress in their lives and subsequently don't suffer from the ailments that too much cortisol and stress produced chemicals can cause.

Thanks for the comment!

Vienne said...

This was great! My grandmother lived to 97 and still swam in a public pool every day in Holland. She was a real character. Even though I was still young when she died, I distinctly remember her strong attitude. She never wallowed, never felt sorry for herself, found joy in simple things every day. She survived WW II Nazi occupation of her country -but chose to be hopeful and later on, happy. You're so right when you suggest drawing inspiration from these wise, healthy seniors. Thanks for reminding me of her today.

Lisa McGlaun said...


Sounds like your grandmother was an amazing woman. I have great admiration for the generation who lived through WWII.