Friday, October 5, 2007

Green Drinks - A Refreshing Mixer for the Planet

While reading La Delirante, I became intrigued with a post about a party that the owner, Wendy, attended back in August. A group called Green Drinks Malta plans parties where individuals who care about the environment can get together to have fun and exchange ideas. Wendy said she had a great time meeting people and looking at the artwork displayed at the bar.

I’d love to hang out with Wendy and her friends, listen to the conversations, and network with new people but Malta is a long way from the Southwestern US. As I read on, I learned that Green Drinks is not a Maltese phenomenon. It’s an international organization with chapters around the world. Low and behold, after reading their website, I discovered there is a Green Drinks group in my town that meets once a month not far from my home!

The Green Drinks Organization, founded in London in 1989, states their worldwide mission as – a lively mixture of people from NGO’s, academia, government and business. They invite you to come along and enjoy the warm welcome of the group. Just say, “Are you green?” and they promise to look after you and introduce you to whoever is in attendance. They say it is a great way to catch up with people you know and for making new contacts. Most people invite someone else along, so there is always a different crowd, making Green Drinks an organic, self-organizing network.

Through these simple unstructured events, people have found employment, made friends, developed new ideas/solutions, brokered deals and reveled in moments of serendipity with similar minded folks. Green Drinks states they/we are a force for good and hopes the idea of Green Drinks Parties spreads to cities around the world.

Contained on their website is a list of newspaper stories highlighting the activities of the group and a listing of active groups from all over the globe. Thank you, Wendy for bringing this to my attention. I can’t wait to go and give it a try!


NeoAuteur said...

Sounds like a nice way to have a good time while raising "green" awareness at the same time.

Lisa McGlaun said...

I think so, too, Neo. There is an event scheduled for the second Thursday of every month in my town. I plan to go to the next one.

Mr. Grudge said...

I'm a budding "greenie" who never heard of the Green Drinks group, but likes the idea. I never knew the amount of violent opposition to environmentalism there is out there until I posted a question on Yahoo! Answers, where I am an active participant, about hybrid engines in automobiles. You'd have thought I was advocating murder. It is going to take a lot to dislodge the amount of ignorance out there, and the Green Drinks group can be a very positive influence. Thanks Lisa.

Lisa McGlaun said...

Wow, Grudge,

I don't really see the opposition. Most of my friends are completely onboard with the idea of sustainability but I know that you have experienced is out there.

When I bought my hybrid I got a few funny looks but now I see them everywhere and wish I had the money to replace my other car with one.

I dont' know what your question was but we love our Toyota Prius. It gets the milage it is reported to, it's safe and easy to care for and it looks good too. Couldn't ask for more.

Thanks for the comment,

La delirante said...

Hi Lisa!! Thanks a lot :) I really enjoyed your post ;) Glad you are planning to go to the "Green drinks event" on Thursday. Hope you will have as much fun as I do when I go to these great events.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend,

Cyber Abrazo (Cyber Hug) :)

Lisa McGlaun said...


Thank you for being the inspiration for the post!

Hugs back,

Anna said...

Lisa, great post. Green also has calming effect. I like green, good color to hang around, lol. Anna :)

Lisa McGlaun said...

LOL..Anna, the picture I chose could be a little confusing. The drinks are not green (unless, you order one). That's just the name of the group..:)

Maybe I'll order a green drink when I go!

Best Wishes,

Susanno said...

hi Neo, Lisa :) , hi all.. seem so familiar here.. and glad to be here.

Green is one of my favour colour.

thx for sharing Lis..

If you don`t mind i will add this blog as my patner.

Lisa McGlaun said...


Good to have you here. So you know a few of my readers? That's great!

Best Wishes,

I think that's great if you want to add a link to my blog..thanks very much.

Emmy said...

What an awesome way to have a good time while raising "green" awareness amongst family and friends thats awesome..

Lisa McGlaun said...


It does sound great. I can't wait to go and see for myself. But I'm sure like with any group, it's the people that make the difference, not the cause.

I'm hoping to meet some fun loving activists who want to get things done now...that would be awesome.

Best wishes,