Tuesday, February 12, 2008

True Leadership - It's a Way of Being

Robin Sharma, author of the best-selling book "The Greatness Guide" says that anyone can be a leader. This is what leadership means to him: Leadership is not about the size of your office or the prestige of your title. We can all lead, he says, in all that we do.

I agree when he says that true leadership is more about the depth of someone's commitment and the strength of their character than about the position they hold.

I once knew a great leader. She never had a title, except mother and friend. She never had an office except her kitchen table but at that table I learned more about life than in any classroom or office meeting. She inspired me to be the best I could be by the way she lived her life. Her character was strong and her heart was open and loving. So I understand what Sharma is saying.

He says that leadership is a way of being. It's about inspiring all of those who surround you to realize their gifts and stand for personal greatness. It's about taking responsibility for every dimension of your life (verses blaming other for what's not working). It's about devoting yourself to excellence in every pursuit and making things better - no matter how good they aready are.

Leadership is also about connecting with people. Deeply. Genuinely. Pasionately. Because business, politics and life are really all about people.

The University of Florida posted a list of words that define the qualities of a leader. Here are a few of my favorites: Building Trust, Dedication, Empathy, Ethics, Honesty, Inspiring, Positive Example, Know when to follow, Open-minded, Selflessness, Wisdom, and Realistic.

Americans have a big decision to make this year. We will vote for a new president. In my search I will review these traits and measure each candidate against them. A great leader is defined by more than years in Washington, military service, or great rhetoric. And certainly not defined by media hype or degredation.

Look to people like Ghandi, Nelson Mandela, John Kennedy, Mother Theresa, and Martin Luther King Junior for examples. Think about the leaders in your life, the teacher, the coach, the preacher, the parent who are like the wise woman in my past.

Then you will know in your heart who to vote for and you will also know how to "be" a leader yourself.


Mr. Grudge said...

Hi Lisa,
I have a n idea who that leader could be, and things are looking good for him. But, I don't want to jinx things. We need unity, and we need it fast. I believe this candidate is best suited to fill that need. -Mike.

Lisa McGlaun said...


I'm with you on your assumptions about this.

I'm watching the primaries today with great interest.

Best Wishes,