Friday, February 22, 2008

Global Communities Award - The World is Getting Smaller

My friend, Francis, owner of Caught in the Stream, passed on this new award to me. He has Hanna to thank for this honor. I like this one because it definitely encapsulates the impact of blogging on my life. When I started LifePrints I never imagined how many doors it would open around the world, how many friendships I'd make, or how it would make the world feel so small and intimate.

As for the world, instant access to news, streaming video feeds, fast airplanes, and the unfettered opinions of bloggers are causing us a few growing pains. Sometimes we don't know how to process all the information. There are too many causes, too many voices crying out in the dark.

But there is an upside to our new global closeness. Just as problems become more immediate and intimate (an example yesterday was the burning of the US embassy over the independence of Kosovo. So far away but so close at the same time), solutions and problems solvers can be quickly implemented and identified. That is if they are willing to step forward to offer their services. I do worry that the Internet has spawned a revolution of talking instead of doing.

In my life, blogging has definately brought this point home. I have lots of big ideas but how often did I do anything about them? Not often. Articulating them on this blog through the stories of the accomplishments of others was a start but soon it wasn't enough. I reached a critcal mass of information. I had to do something about all that I'd learned.

Now, I'm in the phase of networking with other bloggers, working at the grassroots level for a candidate I believe in, and speaking my mind when I get the chance. And when I begin to promote my new book I hope to use it as a platform to discuss the state of foster care in our country.

I feel part of the global community. Blogging was the catalyst for my revelation. I'd like to recognize a few blogging friends from around the world who are intregal parts of "my" global community.

August, an inspiring friend from Denmark.

Lisa, an American ex-pat in France.

Wen, a beautiful woman living in Malta.

Anna, my photographer friend in Canada.

Peter, my insightful friend from Australia.

Thank you for showing me the world through your eyes. Every correspondence with you is priceless.


Peter said...

Hi and Wow! This was totally unexpected but I must say, greatly appreciated. As for blogs, they open my eyes to other worlds that I will probably will never get to visit. And that's what makes it so special to be apart of, including the fact that I have made very special friends here. And that includes you.

Take Care,

franscud said...

Awesome Lisa. It's very cool that you tagged blogs outside the US too. We're definitely in the wild wild west stage of the Internet, and it's a pretty exciting time to be involved.

Lisa McGlaun said...


You're welcome. Pass it on in good health.


Lisa McGlaun said...


I feel the same and I live in the Wild West, too!

It's fun to be in on the ground floor of a movement that I feel is changing our world as we speak.


Anna said...

Lisa my friend this is a honour to receive such award, I almost feel like I am walking that red carpet for Oscars, lol. Kidding aside this is really nice of you, I will store it for a bit as I really have big backlog, thanks again, Anna :) BTW your posts are the additional enhancements to today's issues and it is nice to give out that extra reinforcement. Anna :)

Lisa McGlaun said...


Thank you. Post it whenever you are ready.

I like to think I add another prespective to current news but often times I just write about things that interest me or people I discover one way or another.

I've so enjoyed doing this blog and the opportunities it's given me.

Best Wishes,

La delirante said...

Hi Lisa!! Thanks a lot!!! I loved the comment about being beautiful too :) LOL :)

Have a wonderful week!

Mr. Grudge said...

Congratulations, Lisa.

"When I started LifePrints I never imagined how many doors it would open around the world, how many friendships I'd make, or how it would make the world feel so small and intimate.

The world truly is a smaller place from the perspective of the internet. I have so many contacts with talented folks from all of the world it is mind boggling. We live in interesting times, don't we? you deserve all of the accolades coming your way. Cheers!

Lisa McGlaun said...


I consider you among those important blogging/writing/internet friends. I'm very happy to know that you are out there, writing what you write and living with great intergrity. Knowing you proves my point with LifePrints. Good people are out there working hard in the shadows everyday.


Lisa McGlaun said...


You are beautiful. I'm happy to pay you the compliment!