Friday, February 1, 2008

Super Tuesday - Will You or Won't You?

If you are a citizen of the United States of America and live in one of the 22 Super Tuesday States, you have something to do on February 5th. Get out and vote.

Can you feel the ground swell in our country? Something amazing is happening. We are waking up to new opportunities, new ideas, and new choices. We are lifting our heads and turning away from the distractions of life long enough to realize that every individual matters. We do know what is best for our country. We are capable of thinking through and solving our complicated problems. We are an intelligent nation and don't need Washington political junkies or pundits to tell us "the factual facts". We think just fine for ourselves, thank you.

I attribute this awakening to a critical mass of discontent around our nation. No matter our political leanings, we all seem to be dissatisfied with the status quo and we are clamoring to be heard en masse.

The voter turn out in all of the early primaries has been astounding with record numbers of people turning out to the polls from every walk of life. When I attended the Nevada Democratic caucus last month, I had such low expectations and apparently so did the organizers. I walked into a modest room at a local school and started gathering a few chairs for the Obama participants. By one hour before the caucus there was no air left in the room, much less an empty seat. Over 100 people packed into a space the size of a classroom eager to help their candidate to the White House. It was beyond amazing.

This showing has become the norm around the country with lines around the corner in South Carolina. I remember hearing on the radio that by 10AM one of the large counties had already surpassed the number of people who voted in the 2004 Presidential Primary.

So if you live in one of the states on the list below, you have the right to be excited and hopeful about our nation's future. When you head to the polls next Tuesday you will become an important part of history. I think this time will be remembered as the election year when the American people took back their democracy and claimed ownership of the rights so hard won in the Constitution.

Some of the Super Tuesday States are primaries and some are caucuses. Please do the work to find out how to cast your ballot in your state. From experience, I can tell you it is very empowering to research and learn for yourself how our government works. Then go to your polling place and make your voice heard.

One of our candidates keeps saying that she has found her voice. Well, I've found mine, too and I voted for the candidate that speaks for me. I urge each of you to find YOUR voice and let it be heard. Shout from the rooftops so Washington hears us. Our opinions are valid and deserve to be heard.

Here is the list of Super Tuesday States:

Idaho (Democratic Party Only)
Kansas (Democratic Party Only)
New Jersey
New Mexico (Democratic Party Only)
New York
North Dakota
and American Samoa

Don't wait until the general election in November to speak your mind, especially if you support a candidate that's not the front runner. Without you they may not be there to vote for when you are ready.


Daiquiri said...

Hi Lisa,
Thanks for dropping by my blog tonight and taking a minute to leave me such a nice comment! Come by again soon...I'm planning a give-away as sort of an "open house" celebration of my new photography blog.
Thanks Again,

thewishfulwriter said...

this is SUCH an important post. it's very exciting whenever we, as a collective group, have the opportunity to speak via the voting process. I can't imagine living in a country where I didn't have that right.

Lisa McGlaun said...


You're welcome. I loved your photos. Thanks for coming by here to. Feel free to comment whenever you like.

Best Wishes,

Lisa McGlaun said...


I know. That would be scary. I hope that one super tuesday we see the turns out that the early primary states had. I can't tell you how excited I am to see my candidate come through this test.

Best Wishes,

Bob Johnson said...

Hey Lisa, although I'm not an American, I know the importance of exercising our right to vote, great post. Looks like a big day for you guys.

Lisa McGlaun said...


It's going to be crazy. We've never before had so many states holding primaries on the same day. I don't know whose great idea it was but we will see how it goes.

I think it's too much at once and doesn't give the majority of the people time to really know the candidates..therefore favoring those with money and name recognition.

But that's my two cents worth..:)

Best Wishes,

franscud said...

Hi Lisa,

I just spent the morning posting "remember to vote" flyers around my neighborhood, and I'll be out all day working the polls on Tuesday for Obama and a slate of local candidates.

I'm not sure what the ballots are like in other parts of the country, but here in Illinois there are a number of local races, including judgeships, and it's very important that people take the time to learn about each candidate and make an informed choice. Thanks for the great post reminding folks to get out and vote!

Lisa McGlaun said...


I knew you'd be involved..:) Local elections are so important. That's where it all begins. More people should be involved on a local level then our cities and towns would run much smoother and people wouldn't feel so disenfranchised from the decisions that are made.

So glad that Senator Obama has you in his corner. I am very optimistic about his prospects on Tuesday. I can feel it. Things are going to go well.


franscud said...


Me again ... I just tagged you with a meme. Don't worry, it's a pretty simple one and I think you'll like it:

From the Heart

Lisa McGlaun said...


You've got it. I'm posting it now.


Mr. Grudge said...

Hi Lisa,
I just got over the flu and I am back to writing. Now, I'm off to the polls tomorrow. My vote counts and I know it. My late mother was a polling inspector for 18 years and she taught her children the importance of casting one's ballot. I never miss an election or vote on any issue. -Mike.

Lisa McGlaun said...


It's so wonderful that your mother taught you that. My parents never voted and never talked to me about my civic duty. It was a non issue in my house as a child. I had to come to the table on my own.

Today is the day! Please let me know how it went in your state.


Ophelia Rising said...

I love your blog, and your "message". It's great to read posts that speak to hope and positive change. Many things we read and see in the media nowadays are so full of cynicism and negativity, that it's refreshing to read something positive and encouraging.

Thank you!

Lisa McGlaun said...


Thanks so much. Did you watch the Super Tuesday results last night? I enjoyed watching everything unfold across the nation. Things are still too close to call. Looks like we will be watching Obama and Clinton for a few months longer.