Wednesday, May 30, 2007

For You, Casey

This is my handsome brother Casey. He is a young father and and hard working DJ. He lives life to the fullest and is not afraid of anything, the classic adrenaline junkie.

During Memorial Day weekend he took a trip to the lake with his wife. They went for a ride, Casey on an ATV and his wife on a go-cart. Casey's four-wheeler flipped. He was hurled foward into a tree. His forehead and face took the full impact of the shattering blow. My brother was not wearing a helmet.

As I write this, Casey is in a trauma unit fighting for his life. We are constantly praying that he will recover, that he will be able to go home and play on the floor with his children and spin music while my neice does her toddler dance behind him.

Please, before you give your children four-wheelers or any motorized vehicle, research the saftey issues surrounding them. The smallest dip in the terrain can cause them to flip or roll. Even experienced riders and adults can find themselves in dangerous situations. If someone you love chooses to go ATVing, insist on a helmet, especially if it is your child. You have the right as a parent to say, No helmet, no ride." Adults are a harder sell. Tell them about Casey and ask them if it's a risk they want to take.

I don't know if a helmet would have changed the outcome for my brother. It's something we will never know. Much like seatbelts in cars, helmets provide an important extra measure of defense in case the worst happens but do not provide total protection from injury.

My family and I are going to spend some time concentrating on Casey, so the priority of LifePrints will fall for a while. Please think of Casey's wife, his two small children and my entire family as we walk this difficult path with my little brother.

God Bless you and keep you in his loving care, Casey. Don't stop fighting your way back to us.


Anonymous said... are in my prayers. Dear Family...turn to God, he is the ONLY one that can give you true comfort during this trying time. Keep the faith!!!

Tina Hutto

CindyLV said...

You and your family are in my prayers. Thank you for posting this critically important message on your site. Thirty years ago, I almost lost my own brother in a snowmobile accident. Jimmy suffered multiple skull fractures because he wasn't wearing a helmet. Through the grace of God and the strength of Jimmy's spirit, he survived.

Please remember, it is in our darkest hour when we are most able to experience God's light.

Love and prayers your way.

Cindy Mueller

Lisa McGlaun said...


Thank you for sharing with me about your brother. It helps and lessens the feelings of isolation that goes along with tragedies. Casey is improving daily and we are very hopeful that he will again lead a normal life.

Best wishes and thank you again,