Monday, May 7, 2007

Random Acts of Kindness - It's the Golden Rule in Action

As I child, I remember being told over and over again by my mother, "If you want people to treat you nice, Lisa, you have to treat them nice, too." Well, I was six and I had sharing issues. Luckily, I outgrew my obsessive love for Fisher-Price Little People and listened to my mother. Now I pass on the same biblical advice to my children.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. The Golden Rule is repeated in various forms in most every religion known to man. I'd venture a guess that Jesus was passing along good advice.

Random acts of kindness are hip these days but the concept is nothing knew. It's just a way to remind us to be kind and gentle with our fellowman and our planet as a whole. Do something to brighten another person's day. Go out of your way to make the life of another a little easier, send that card, make that call, say those words you feel led to say. You'll be pleasantly surprised with the results.

Here is a short list of quick acts of kindness that cost nothing to pass on.

1) Smile at and make eye contact with the grocery store clerk next time you pay. Remind yourself that he/he is not a machine there to process merchandise, acknowledge their presence.

2) If the person in line (any line) behind you seems more rushed or frazzled than you, let them go ahead of you.

3) If you luck up on a two for one cookie deal, pass on the extra to a child who might enjoy it.

4) When a baby looks at you, speak to him or her. Watch their face light up.

5) Volunteer to be a penpal to an elderly person in a nursing home.

6) Take the extra cake from your birthday party to work and leave it in the breakroom.

7)When you see trash in the park where your family goes to play, pick it up.

8) Leave the paperback book you just finished in the coffee shop or on the bench at the bus stop. Some other bored soul stuck waiting will greatly appreicate it.

9) Donate your professional clothes to organizations that help people get back into the work force.

10) If you feel it, please say I LOVE YOU. It might be your only opportunity and someone you care about may need to hear it.

11) If you are on the receiving end of a kindness say THANK YOU.

For more ideas and an online community dedicated to cool random acts of kindness check out,

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