Wednesday, May 16, 2007

EcoHangers -The Future of our Closets

"No more wire hangers!" screamed Joan Crawford in Mommy Dearest. Joan, if you were still alive, you'd have an alternative...the EcoHanger.An EcoHanger is made of laminated, folded, recycled paperboard. It is strong enough to hold clothes and flexible enough to be folded for easy disposal. It's biodegradable and won't add to the mountains of "forever" trash already in our landfills. To make this even more attractive they are free to dry cleaners, paid for by advertisers. So it benefits the industry and gently pushes the dry cleaners toward a better alternative. As it stands, wire hangers from dry cleaners are thrown away at a rate of 3.5 billion a year! Where is all that wire going? Into our landfills. And when will it degrade? Oh, in about 100 years if we are lucky.

EcoHanger has provided a great alternative that uses recycled paper, can be recycled themselves when no longer needed (this is the best disposal method) or thrown away to biodegrade at the same rate as a newspaper.

Consumers don't seem to mind the advertising because the EcoHanger solves two problems. Dry Cleaning customers no longer have to use the wire hangers most people dispise and they don't have the disposal issues that come with wire hangers. Eco-friendly consumers who try to turn the wire hangers back into the dry cleaner for reuse are shooed out the door. The cleaners don't want the bent, used hangers back, ever.

The advertisers get a decent rate to advertise on a product that will stay in the consumers home for six to eight weeks, maybe longer in some cases (like me, I keep things forever). This is much improved over the advertising alternatives like cardboard wrappers around hot coffee cups. Those are tossed in a matter of minutes.

The dry cleaner benefits by getting free hangers and no longer paying 8 cents a peice for the wire eco-disasters no one really wants.

It's a win-win-win-win situation. Earth, consumer, advertiser, industry...everybody wins. How much better can it get?

Right now the hangers are only available in large cities. Be part of the change and contact your local dry cleaner. Direct them to

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