Monday, September 29, 2008

Blog Award - Someone Loves My Little Bloggy

My dear friends Fin and Meg at Housecat Confidential have given me this award. Apparently they love LifePrints. Well, I love you right back! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to pass on some blogging love to my buddies.

Here are the rules: Link to the giver - Link to the ones you give to - Give to up to seven bloggers - Notify them of the award.

So, drum roll please. I love!!!!

Linda Lou because not only is she a kick butt blogger and writer but she's my friend...the real I see her, in person, as often as possible.

Helen, also a real life buddy, writes the funniest things. I love her politics and love her.

Then there is Helene, not to be confused with the previous Helen. I also know this lovely lady. I'm sensing a pattern here....lovable bloggers that I know.

I have to give kudos to Heather. I never miss an opportunity. She's a rising star and I'm proud to know her...even if it's only virtually, but we're gonna fix that someday, I hope.

Okay, girls...go forth unto the blogging community and spread the love! Have a great day!



Red Hen said...

Kudos! I am feeling the blog love!


Linda Lou said...

Wow--thank you! My blog wants to be like your blog when it grows up, or when I grow up... which may be never.

You're a doll, Lisa!


thewishfulwriter said...

You rock my socks, you know that :) Thank you! And we will ABSOLUTELY fix being friends of only the virtual type one day. I already told you I'd show up to your book signing! There's one opportunity I KNOW will happen. You're fab and I'm so glad we connected!

Linda Lou said...

Lisa, do you sometimes look at your blog and think, "DAMN! I'm good"? I would if I were you. Seriously.

Lisa McGlaun said...


Can you feel the love? I'm so happy we met.


Lisa McGlaun said...


You're welcome and I don't think you will ever grow up..why should you? I love you the way you are.


Lisa McGlaun said...


I'm thinking you should head out to the 2009 Las Vegas Writer's Conference. That's what I think. Bring April and make a vacation of it.


Fin said...

Good work passing it on, I look forward to checking out the ones you love!

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