Monday, September 8, 2008

Suicide Awareness Week - September 7-13, 2008

This is Suicide Awareness Week, sponsored by the AAS (American Association of Suicidology). The AAS is dedicated the the worldwide understanding and prevention of suicide. IF YOU ARE IN CRISIS AND NEED IMMEDIATE HELP, please call 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

The AAS website is filled with information to help you determine if someone you know and love is at risk. Use these resources to educate yourself and help prevent a needless death. After you are armed with the facts, trust your gut instincts. If someone is acting differently that normal, is severely depressed, or you are worried about their safety, please act. Isn't it better to tell someone and be wrong than to have noticed and kept quiet and find out your instincts were right?

I want to share a very personal piece of writing with you so you will know you are not alone in fearing for the well-being of someone you love. The pressures of our world are great and suicide is on the rise among young people. Be the one who sounds the alarm.

For M.
by Lisa McGlaun

My young friend, why do you cut yourself?
I found you bleeding, red-slashed and dazed in the corner of your room.
I thought I'd thrown away the glass, the metal, and the sharp razors you're so fond of.
How was I to know you'd shatter your favorite CD and
Use it to let out your pain.

Do you feel better now?
Did it work?
Did you find ecstasy in the ripping of your flesh?

My young friend, why do you do this?
I hold a towel to your wound and rock with you on the floor.
Let me,
Let my love for you be the razor, slicing open your memories.
Let the ecstasy be found in releasing your sorrow in drops of words.
Words won't drip like your blood but the pleasure will be just as sweet.

Do you feel better now?
Did it work?
Do you feel lighter, letting your heartache flow out in tears and screams?

My young friend, I don't want to find you dead.
Next time I fear you will slash
Your throat
And leave your beautiful arms untouched.
You move closer to your jugular each time you cry out.

Would you feel better then?
Would it work?
I can promise you there is not release in your death.

Only a young man ripped and bleeding, left to die by his own trembling hand.

If you know someone in this situation Do Something. Tell Someone...NOW.


thewishfulwriter said...

Your message to M is so painfully, beautifully written.

Suicide can take someone quickly, or creep up, dancing in the shadows, waiting to "stick this time."

Having worked with kids who have attempted or talk about attempting suicide has opened my eyes..and my heart.

I wasn't aware this was suicide prevention week. Thank you for putting it on my radar.

SwordBrujo said...

This is an excellent post, written with much "compassion" indeed.

The story itself is magnificent and should be published.

Thank you very much for posting.

Lisa McGlaun said...


It does give you a different prespective on the world when you work with troubled kids.

Luckily, my friend I wrote about in the poem is alive and well. He made it through adolesence and is in his early 20's now. I think his parents still worry about him. You can't go through what they did and not come out on changed on the other side of things.


Lisa McGlaun said...


It was good to see you last night. Thanks for being a regular reader of my blog. I appreciate your kind words and comments. Keep going on your blog. You're building something great!

Best Wishes,