Thursday, October 2, 2008

Lists Are Useful, Uplifting, and Often Totally Random

I'm reading a fiction book (The Writing Class by Jincy Willett) where the main character is a compulsive list maker so now I'm inspired. Here are a few you might find amusing on this overcast Thursday afternoon.

Whenever I think I'm weird for wanting to be, trying to be, and sometimes being a vegetarian I'll remind myself that these famous people were just as weird:

Sir Isaac Newton

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Hans Christian Andersen

Charlotte Bronte

George Bernard Shaw

Henry Ford

Mahatma Ghandi

When people call me a Greenie I'll remember that environmental activism is cool to these people:

Dr. David Suzuki and his daughter Severn Suzuki

Julia Butterfly

John Robbins

Paul Watson

Al Gore

Quick list of ways I can be frugal in this challenging economy:

Make things last by fixing instead of throwing away.

Borrow books from the library instead of buying.

Rent movies from NetFlix instead of going out to the movies.

Plan meals and buy whole foods in bulk.

Stay away from prepared, packaged foods.

Park my car and walk more often. Most everything I need is within a mile of my house.

Buy my clothes second hand. Las Vegas is a great city for that..lots of rich people giving things away.

When I'm down remember the people who inspire me:

My family.

Martin Luther King Junior

Amelia Earhart

Grace Lee Boggs

Allene Morris

Ryan White

Nelson Mandela

Bono (Paul Hewson)

Random list of things I love:

my pets (even the ones acquired by my kids).

the sound of rushing water.

a sky filled with hot air balloons.

my childrens senses of humor.

the smell of mountain air.

my husband's arms around me while I sleep.
Feel free to add to or make your own list in the comments. This could be fun.


Fin said...

Things I Love:

My family and my blog friends

Fancy Feast


An outdoor nap in a full patch of sun

Snuggles - when I'm in the mood

Anonymous said...
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Linda Lou said...

Things I have a phobia of:

1. Birds
2. Most of the rest of the animal kingdom
3. Fake fingernails
4. Germs
5. Clay Aiken

overseas pharmacies said...

well i agree lists are useful

Famous Quotes said...

Thanks for the heads up

Fin said...

Knock, Knock, everything okay over there?

Lisa McGlaun said...


Thanks for checking in on me. I'm here. Everything is great. New post is you!