Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Woodhull Institute For Ethical Leadership - Attention Women! Free Education!

"We believe that it is time to learn about, engage in and share stories of real women with real success," so say the fellows at the Woodhull Institute for Ethical Leadership. No a bad opening statement in a time when women are led to believe that cellulite free thighs are more important than an engaged mind.

Woodhull and Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty are working hard to change that perception. They want girls and women to know that they don't have to buy into the images they are sold by the media and large corporations. Woodhull and Dove have partnered to share success building tools through online training sessions that promote ethical development and empower women to act as agents for positive social change.

Young women care about the world around them but are so easily distracted by a culture that tells them there is no time to care. Girls have to update their MySpace and Facebook pages, shop at the mall, download MP3's, buy expensive clothes and cosmetics, watch the shows they TiVo'ed while they were at school, and text their friends on their new Envys. There just aren't enough hours in the day to be socially aware, too. This is hogwash. Girl's, please don't buy in.

Use your mind, develop your intellect and your heart. Use some of your time to learn about the
world around you and how others live outside your neighborhood. The Woodhull Institute has made it so easy. Instruction by women who've walked the path before you are just a click away.

They've provided fun and interesting video lessons on financial literacy. It is just as important to know how to manage your money as it is to know where to spend it.

Learn how to be an activist who gets results. There are positive and proven ways to publicize a cause and ways to push for the changes you desire. Every woman has an issue burning in her heart, something she cares passionately about. Learn how not to be afraid to make it happen.

Public speaking is an important skill that all women should embrace. It's been said that people fear speaking in public more than they fear death. Why are we so afraid to express ourselves and share our views? Move past the lump in your throat and speak out and up for what you believe in. Rashmi Sharma will teach you how.

As a mother, a partner in a relationship or in the business world, negotiation is key. What's even more important is how we negotiate. This is not a win at all costs world and when we realize that all of our lives will be better. Listen to a Woodhull fellow share the concepts of positive negotiation.

All of this is available FREE online in the form of video seminars at the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty website. This is one corporation that is making concerted efforts to empower women around the world. Kudos to them. And Kudos to an organization like Woodhull for providing this great resource of learning for all.

The Woodhull Institute is a prestigious retreat center for women located in upstate New York. They are non-profit and non-partisan. To understand Woodhull all you need to do is read their Credo. The last line is particularly meaningful...To understand that what we send out into the world comes back to us.

Amen and thanks to Dove and Woodhull for sending out into the world such a great and positive message. No doubt it is coming back to them in a joyous way. Take advantage of the free video seminars and start sending your best self out to the world.


Anna said...

If it wasn't you we probably wouldn't know about this great contribution. I think it is great idea for young women, and like you said instead of buying ipods, carying about fashion etc. etc. I think using your head strategy is great, and sometimes I know they are emphasizing for women, I think some men would be benficial too. There are just too many tech toys that we just get distructed to forget what is important in life. Great post Lisa, and thanks for letting us know. I will check the links later. Anna :)

mikster said...

Sounds like a good message and one some men could benefit from as well.

Lisa McGlaun said...

Anna and Mike,

This training would be great for men, too, just like you mentioned. I almost said that in the post but the entire Dove site is designed for women so I left out my feeling that all men should go through this type of ethical training also.

We would all benifit, no matter our sex. Thanks for pointing that out.

Best Wishes,