Thursday, December 20, 2007

In The Spirit Of The Season - Relax

The crowds, the frantic people, the short tempers, the craziness of shopping for gifts - is this what the last days before Christmas feel like to you? If so, go in your room, close the door and take a deep breath - maybe take several. Look, I'm doing it, too.

It doesn't have to be this way. I think my stress comes from wanting to make everyone I love happy (my chronic need to please syndrome). I have to find that special gift for let's see...6 people and counting. My house needs to be perfect to entertain guests on Christmas Eve. I want to make the most delicious meal ever on Christmas night. And I still have to keep up with everything else I do each day. So when I looked in the mirror at my frazzled face, I thought, "Something has gone very wrong. This is supposed to be fun and I look like I'm about to jump off a cliff."

If anyone else feels the way I do then follow me in making this declaration:

I will have a joyous Christmas. I will slow down and take time to BE part of and in the season. I will remember that the holiday is a celebration of love and love comes in many forms (not just in a perfectly wrapped present that I spent hours searching for). I will be aware of and pay attention to the people around me. I will not subject anyone to my irritation, impatience, or self-importance. I will remember that this time of year is for sharing of myself (just a smile will do) and receiving from others (I really do deserve it, sometimes I have trouble remembering that I'm taking the joy of giving away from others when I try to do everything myself).

And after all of that, I will take more deep breaths, be still for a moment in the joy of the season and remember it can last through out the year if I chose for it to. I will head to my car with quiet contentment and finish my shopping with a grateful and loving attitude.
Here hoping I can pull it off....:)

Happy Holidays to all!


RaeJane said...

I like this.
I wrote an article for a club I am in about remembering that the best gifts aren't the ones we buy.
It's important to give compassion and understanding, too.

I've been trying to make a point of smiling while driving.. I feel like it's so much harder to curse if you're smiling :)

Lisa McGlaun said...


I think you're right. It is harder to curse when you are YOu've hit on something very important. How great it would be if we all tapped into our compassion instead of our anger, especially on the road.

Thanks for the comment.


La delirante said...

Hi Lisa! Christimas time can be very hectic as you well pointed out. The house has to be perfect if you are going to have guests, the gifts, the hairdresser, parties, meetings...I will definitely take the rest evening to relax.

Go to my blog, I have given you a present :) A Christmas star!

Lisa McGlaun said...


Thanks..I'll head right over. Merry Christmas!


Gabriel said...

It's crazy in here too (I'm in Waterloo, Ontario). I went to the mall on Monday night and was impressed by the number of people that were shopping there frantically.

I even heard that a couple of the stores would be open 24 hours starting yesterday, so you know what I'm going to do? I'm gonna get up at 4:00 AM tomorrow and go by my wife's present, which I have picked already. That's all I have left to do! (Well, maybe something for myself, I've been a good boy).

At least we still manage to keep our education and driving manners in here. Everybody parks where they're supposed to and they will let you cross the street first if you're walking, no matter how hectic it is. Back home, you would see cars 'parked' on top of the grass, or making double lines, or trying to run over you in order to beat somebody else for a parking spot...

(sigh) Those were the times... :-)

Have a Merry Christmas, and thank you once again for your very nice comments both here and in my blog.

Lisa McGlaun said...


First let me say, you are welcome.

Wow, maybe it's a good thing you moved from Argentina. I'm sure there are some wonderful things about your home country but maybe the skills of fellow drivers is not one of them..:)

I don't know if the stores here are doing 24 hours. I wish they would because I'm running out of time.