Sunday, April 15, 2007

Evos - A Different Way To Eat Fast Food

"Let's stop at Evos." This is my son speaking.

Stop where?" This is me playing the confused mother.

"The healthy fast food place I told you about. Remember?"

I didn't. But playing the I-always-remember-everything-mother-of-five and intrigued that my teenager would even use the dreaded word healthy and food in the same sentence, I answered. "Oh, yeah. That sounds good."

And it was more than good. From the moment we stepped into Evos at 10895 S. Eastern Ave. in Henderson, NV, I was sold on the concept of fast food without the guilt. The resturant was clean and shiny, the lime green paint and art work inviting, and the food choices intriguing. Looking at the menu, I expected the sticker shock that goes along with eating health conscious food but no. The items were reasonably priced and I could eat here for around the same price as other fast food chains.

After I ordered the Crispy Thai Trout Wrap, a Corn Dog off the Kid's Menu, and a Free-Range Steak Burger for my teenager, we stopped at the Ketchup Karma Bar to sample the four flavors. Garlic Ketchup was my favorite.

The food tasted terrific and I was even happier to find out that Evos is an enviromentally conscious company. The founders, Alkis Crassas and Michael Jeffers of Florida, have built a chain designed to contribute not exploit. The paper products are made from recycled materials with soy-based inks. The products used in the building process are eco-friendly. Even the lights in the bathrooms turn off automatically.

In an interview with Franchisewire, the founders quoted a business strategy that I feel will serve them well in the future. They stated, "There is a balance in everything. While there are vegetarian and vegan menu items, Evos is not a health food restaruant. We are a restaurant that offers food for everyone done in a way that's sustainable. We found a balance in health and taste, and we found a balance in making environmentally-sound decisions. You have to be a pragmatist, not an extreme idealist."

All I can say is, "Amen, Evos. Thanks for giving me an option."

And more options are on the way. Evos has three locations in Florida and one in Nevada but the good news is Evos recently signed an agreement with a sucessful developer to open 207 stores in 12 states over the next 10 years.

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Anonymous said...

Sure would love to have one in the bottom of South Carolina!!!!
come this way EVOS!
Tina Hutto

Lisa McGlaun said...

With all those new stores opening, it's a possiblity.