Sunday, April 8, 2007

Earthship Biotecture - Say goodbye to utility bills forever

Sustainable housing. Off the grid housing. These terms may be unfamiliar but understanding them could possible be vital to the future of mankind. What if housing were available to everyone that did not require power from electrical plants or water from utility systems? Thanks to Earthship Biotecture the "what if" is a reality.

An Earthship is a structure built with natural and recycled materials such as rubber tires packed with dirt, glass bottles, concrete, and aluminum cans. Each Earthship contains its own water capturing and treatment system and passive solar and photovoltic cell energy system, allowing a family to live, in most cases, completely independent of commercial water and power supplies. What could be better than never again paying a power bill? And there's the added benefit of knowing you are part of the global warming solution instead of the problem.

Since its inception in 1968, Earthships have been built around the globe using materials indigenous to the area, providing quality housing where none was available before. Outside of Taos, New Mexico an entire community of Earthships stretches across hundreds of acres. At The Greater World Earthship Community families live out the dream of architect Mike Reynolds....affordable, sustainable, off the grid housing.

For a small fee of $5, the visitor's center at The Greater World Earthship Community is open for self-guided tours. Visitors are shown a video about the construction and basic operation of these unique homes then allowed to wander through a working Earthship. The interiors are surprisingly beautiful with indoor gardens and decorative glass and tile. A turn-key Earthship costs an average of $165.00 per square foot. This is a bargain considering that the intial investment includes all the sustainable power systems. And for the adventure seeker, a completely unique design can be only by the imagination and pocketbook of the prespective owners.

For those interested in finding out what it might be like to live in an Earthship, Greater World has houses available to vacationers for nightly/weekly rental.

For more information about this fun and smart way to live visit or take a drive to Taos and ask the locals to point the way to Greater's well worth the small fee to catch a glimpse of the future.


Anonymous said...

Great Blog....what a visionary you are!!! I am so proud of you.

Anonymous said...

That was from me...Tina Hutto

Lisa McGlaun said...

Thanks Tina..I'm proud of you, too, but you already know that!