Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Be Part of Earth Hour 2009

Earth Hour 2009 is set for March 28th at 8:30 local time. No matter where you are in the world you can participate. Turn off your lights and any other electrical items for one hour. That's it, just one hour without electricity. Can you stand it? Last year my family and I turned off the circuit breaker to our house and went completely black. It felt good to do something for my planet. The kids complained for a few minutes then we began to enjoy the quiet and the peace as we curled up in blankets on our back porch.

My only disappointment was that my city, Las Vegas, did not really participate in Earth Hour 2008. No one seemed to know about this event or care that it was going on. Tourists still walked the glowing neon streets, nothing was allowed to interrupt their fun.

This year is different. The tourists will have a different kind of treat. I'm proud to say that Las Vegas is a flagship city. The list of casinos and business who plan to turn off the neon is impressive and expansive. If they all follow through with their commitment the strip should be dim if not completely black. Now that will be a historic occasion.

I'm kind of sad that I won't be in town. I want to see and participate in this event. But again, where ever I am and where ever you are, you can turn off the lights and make a difference. Just imagine what would happen if we all did this once a week, or once a month?

Here is a link to my post about Earth Hour 2008. Enjoy!


Mr. Grudge said...

I will do my best to convince those where I work to participate in Earth Hour 2009; but, I know it will be impossible to get my place of employment to do any of this. Still, this is a concept which I am sure will help educate millions in how important it is to conserve energy and resources and to stop polluting the planet. My workplace has, however, taken many steps to be more environmentally friendly, from its recycling program, to its devotion to using less paper, to its environmentally friendly cleaning products, they have also become more energy efficient. Thanks for another informative article on how we can save the planet from ourselves. -Mike.

Lisa McGlaun said...


I really wish I was going to be in town this Saturday. I want to see the Welcome To Las Vegas sign when it goes black. That's an event in this town!

I know what you mean about convincing an employer to do this but it sounds like your employer is making efforts in different ways.

I'll be in the desert when the sky will be dark. No lights except a campfire. I can't wait.


Shadowolf said...

Hi Lisa,
I just got back from Las Vegas, boy has it changed. I haven't been in almost 10 years. I was just blown away by the STRIP. I know this is off subject but I was amazed by everything being so COLOSSAL.