Monday, March 16, 2009

Back on the Postive Thinking Wagon

This picture of my family and friends watching the Super Bowl commercials makes me laugh. It makes me laugh so hard that my sides hurt...and I need that because I haven't laughed much in the last few months.
Absence of laughter, absence of joy, and abundance of conflict - these are my reasons (excuses) for staying away from LifePrints, the place where I put out to the world how great life can be if we all love and care for one another. I learned a big lesson. It's difficult to write about happiness and compassion when I become consumed with how the people in my life, my house, my family are not doing those things for each other.

It all seems futile and a waste of time.

This morning I got a gentle nudge from Anonymous. This loving person sent a comment to my blog asking where I've been, saying that, "Hey! Three months is long enough. New post please!" Well, that's paraphrasing but I got the point.

I smiled and wondered, "Where have I been?" I asked myself this question with a different attitude besides the pitiful one I've become accustomed to. Now I can tell you that since December...

I've watched fireworks signal the dawning of a new year and swam in a pool full of splashing children on the same cold night in small Utah town.

I shed tears of pride and accomplishment while watching the inauguration of our new president and again during his first address to congress. I recognized the love that passed between him and his wife, so much like the silent understanding that passes between my husband and me.

I climbed sand cliffs with my husband and child and watched the flaming Nevada sun set behind the mountains. Then we played tic tac toe on paper napkins while waiting for our breakfast the next morning.

I sat in the front of a crowded movie theater and craned my neck to watch Edward and Bella fall in love. I marveled at the intensity on my beautiful daughter's face as she watched Twilight play out on the big screen.

Everyday I wear a red and gold glass heart pendant on a black leather cord because it was a gift from my husband - the man who has wiped away many of my tears in the past few months.

I reached out to friends, family, and strangers for help and no one turned me away. There have been phone calls, emails and hugs to carry me through. I'm grateful for each kind word and piece of valuable advice.

I watched through a plexi-glass window while my son pelted his birthday party companions with little exploding balls of paint and relished the fact that I remained unmarked and unbruised behind the glass.

My son who struggles with grades, proudly waved a paper under my nose. It said he had a 97% in Pre-Algebra. We immediately went for ice cream!

My little boy started preschool and beams every time he walks into the classroom.

Despite my troubles, I have much to be thankful for. God bless us all. Thank you to my friends and readers who've let me know how much LifePrints means to them. I needed the encouragement to keep going...and a special thank you to Anonymous for giving me that last needed push.

I have much to look forward to and searching out stories for LifePrints is among those pleasures.


Bryant said...

I have had my struggles too. So I did something different. Last week I bought a clown nose to wear when I drive. You see I tend to get impatient with people on the road and I get angry. I found that it is very difficult for me to get angry while wearing the nose. The first time out I started to get upset, and then I remembered I was wearing the nose. I could not stop myself from laughing about what the other driver must have seen. Now I wear it all the time. Last night another driver was having a rough time and told me "I was number one" and all I could do was wave and think about how surprised he must have been to see the nose. =) It is good to hear from you again!

Lisa McGlaun said...


Thank you so much for leaving a comment here! I love you to and your clown nose! I can just see you doing that. (Actually, I have because you've posted a picture on FB)! You are an inspiration and a dear friend!


Anonymous said...

Good to see you back! I missed my reading! You have been thru quite alot during your absence, but remember that I have also been praying for you thru it all! You are stronger now because of some of those trials!!! I love you!


Lisa McGlaun said...


I can always count on you..ever since the day I first laid eyes on you. Wish I was the younger one!

Love you,

Fin said...

Good to hear your voice again. Life has been a challenge lately here too and I'm hoping we all make it through soon and back to finding the joy.


Rekaya Gibson said...

Welcome back Lisa!
Through it all, you are still standing. May God continue to bless you and your family.

Lisa McGlaun said...


Thank you. Here's hoping that things will be looking up for you, too!


Lisa McGlaun said...


Thanks for the support. You know I think the world of you!


Vegas Linda Lou said...

Glad to see you're back, Lisa. You have such a wonderful, loving perspective... even through the tough times, and there should be no more of them for you. It's time for your seat on the ferris wheel to make its way to the top again, as is the ebb and flow of life.

Love you!

SwordBrujo said...


Great! Your back. I guess the recession will now be over too.

Great Post.

P.S. And now that you are writing again, I'm not mad at you anymore.

Lisa McGlaun said...


I never really believed you were mad at

Best Wishes,

Lisa McGlaun said...


You're my buddy and I'm so grateful for it!


Anonymous said...

Glad that "anonymous" gave you that push. Missed you a lot, Lisa. Welcome back. Good to see you :-)