Friday, November 14, 2008

Helice Bridges - Who She Is Made a Difference to Me

This little powerhouse is my friend Helice Bridges. I am in complete awe of this woman and I'm determined to be just like her. She smiles at everyone. She loves to give hugs. She radiates fun, joy, happiness, and acceptance. Well, she is just radiant. There is no other way to describe it.

One of the first conversations I shared with Helice was about the organization she founded called Difference Makers International. I listened and inside my head I did something I'm not very proud of. I thought something like, "Yeah, yeah...that's all fine and good but I bet your exaggerating."

From then on every time Helice was near me I'd watch her and remember my dismissive thought. I continually learned from her to let go of judgment and just accept people for who they are because they are all beautiful and have something to offer.

In my last minutes with Helice, before we boarded planes to different states, she asked if she could honor me. She took a blue ribbon from a wooden case. On the ribbon printed in gold letters were these words...Who you are makes a difference. She told me all the ways I'd made a difference in her life over the last week. She said I deserved to have my dreams come true and to never underestimate the value of my contributions. (It hit me like a brick...that's what I'd initially done to her) I was overcome with emotion and gave her a big hug.

Please got to Difference Makers International and watch the short video about Helice , her impact on children and her quest to give recognition, praise and love to as many people as she can. Read the history of her organization and explore ways to bring the Blue Ribbon program to your community. The video is very touching. Helice's personality bubbles through. I know you will see in her what I did....a shining spirit, a living example of compassion and love for others.

Helice...if you read this...I'm working everyday to live up to your example! I'm so glad we met!


Mike said...

You have a really great blog.
If you like to have your blog listed on any of my blogs blogrolls, just leave a comment on my blogs. Have a nice week.

Lisa McGlaun said...

Thanks Mike. I'll check them out. I appreciate the compliment.


Manoj Kumar said...

This is good enough, I like it.

Helene Moore said...

Lisa, you are amazing.
I am so glad we met, it certainly was meant to be.
I agree, one woman can make a difference and I am trying with my Adopt A Caregiver, Inc program.
Hope to see you soon.
Love and kisses Helene

Hannah said...

Hi there, your blog is very interesting and an eye opener, you could put across your articles in allvoices so that more people read it and an awareness can be raised.

Ibrahim Ghanem said...

nice story
I rally like your blog lisa, keep the good work up