Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Gift For My Readers - Eat And Be Merry

My dear friend, Gregory Kompes, put together a holiday recipe and story collection that could be shared during this holiday season. I know most all of the contributing authors. I can't wait to try the recipes they shared. Everyone contributed a story to go along with the good food. The writing is superb and fun to read.

I contributed my mother's pound cake recipe. My stepdaughter and I made one for Thanksgiving. This was the first time I'd attempted in all these years to make my mother's signature cake. We burnt it! Oh well, the inside tastes like heaven. I had to laugh...if you read my essay in the recipe collection, you'll understand why.

I hope you enjoy this gift. Let me know what you think. I promised to pass the comments on to Gregory. I'm sure he'd like to know that all his hard work is appreciated.

Happy Holidays!!! Here's the link to Recipes and Writing.


Fin said...

Hi Lisa!! Good to see your post. Happy holidays to you and yours! I tried the link but it just brought up the photo not a link to a site?

Lisa McGlaun said...


What a wonderful kitty you are! Thank you for the heads up. I fixed the link...try it now.

What would I do without you?!


Natasha said...

Hi Lisa... when you get a chance, tell Natasha I said hi and a happy belated Thanksgiving. I know she's not got her phone, so I didn't get to tell her.

:D also, my mom and I made cake Saturday for my friend's birthday and we kind of screwed it up too so we bought one from the store. But our screwed up one was still yummy even if it looked like a mess!

Lisa McGlaun said...


I will pass on your well wishes. You can always call here to talk to her.

I know what you mean about messy cakes still tasting good. Who cares how they look, right?

Love to you,

Natasha said...

The cake tasted better than the store cake, to be honest. It was black forest cake and everything like... slid off the top... so the bottom layer was very moist and cherry-flavored.

Oh I'll call as soon as possible. Is she there now? I'll try. :D

Linda said...

Mmm This cake looks good. I made gingerbread cookies this year, maybe I'll make this cake next year. Thanks for the recipe.