Friday, August 29, 2008

The Kindness of Bloggers and Cats

On Wednesday night Tami Cowden and I co-taught a workshop for the beginning blogger at my local library here in Nevada. We had 40 plus people in attendance and wow, were they a lively bunch. They tested my blogging knowledge with tons of relevant questions. I hope they walked away feeling more confident and ready to dive into the world of blogging.

One of the highlights of the evening was seeing Meg, the mother of Fin the amazing blogging cat. Fin sent a gift for my cats, Harry and Domino. He shared two cans of his beloved Fancy Feast. Now that's generosity. It really does mean something when a cat shares the items most near and dear to its heart.

Another was seeing familiar faces in the audience. They were their to learn but I like to think they also came as support. Among the Henderson Writers' Group, my fear of public speaking is well known. Maybe not, but like a teenager with a big zit on her nose, I'm positive everyone can see my fear radiating bright and red. I was very happy to see John, Linda, Judy, and Helene.

When I arrived home I showed Harry and Domino their gift. They were very happy and couldn't understand why it took me so long to open the cans. Duh, I was documenting the event for all to see. Especially Fin.

My cats were very grateful to Fin and anxious to devour what was hidden in the little cans. They sniffed and pawed at the tins until finally I decided I that I might be inflicting emotional torture upon my sweet pets.

I stopped snapping photos and filled their bowls. I must agree with Meg, Fancy Feast is very aromatic, much more so than Friskies (the typical feline fare served in my house). But I think it was the smell that drove Harry and Domino completely mad with desire and anticipation.

They ate the treat in record time. As they smacked away, I told my family all about the night at the library -how proud I was to have sold a copy of Writer's Bloc II and signed my name for the buyer - how happy I was to know the answers to all the questions put before me (except, how to move mail from a web based service into Outlook. Not my expertise, sorry John). - how excited I was to be asked back to do more workshops and to participate with Tami in a new writing project.

Life is good for me and my cats. Thanks to the kindness of a room full of new bloggers, I'm feeling less nervous about speaking before a group. And thanks to Fin and Meg, my cats are feeling like they want more Fancy Feast...good cat food is addictive and kindness is contagious, so they tell me.


Fin said...

Oh how nice. Mommy said you did a great job and she didn't think you looked nervous at all. She can hardly wait to try out all your tips, or to hear about the new projects.

I'm so happy Harry and Domino enjoyed the treat! Mommy apologizes for the stinky part of the goodness. They are very handsome boys and I'm sure they love you a great deal (who wouldn't).

Lisa McGlaun said...


You are such a nice cat. It would be a pleasure to meet you one day. Maybe I'll see your mommy again sometime soon!


Tami Cowden said...

Lisa, the success of our talk owes much to the wealth of information you had your fingertips. I know I learned a lot - which isn't usually true for one of the speakers!

Lisa McGlaun said...


Great to hear from you. I really enjoyed sharing this experience with you - the radio interview and the workshop. I think we did a good job. Anytime you need a partner, give me a ring. I'm up for it.


Linda Lou said...

Lisa, you did a fantastic job! You're becoming quite the polished speaker and no one would ever suspect any underlying anxiety. Get used to these gigs--there will be many more to come!


Lisa McGlaun said...


I hope so. I felt like we were all over the place with information, trying to answer questions. I think I like a more structured setting...but maybe that is just my inner control freak rearing her ugly


SwordBrujo said...

I recently started my own blog thanks to your suggestions. I'm not sure you remember, nonetheless, I'm glad I have taken the dive. My only regret is that I missed your event as I could have learned so much. Will you another?

Thanks so much for the encouragement.

Lisa McGlaun said...


I wanted to leave a comment on your blog but I couldn't find the tab.

I think you are a wonderful writer and the sentiments you speak of in your first post ring so true in today's world. As you said, let's put pen to paper before we resort to the sword...amen.

Thanks for the comment and letting me know I encouraged you in some way.

I don't have anything planned yet, as far as a workshop but let me know, I'll help you whenever you need it.