Monday, August 18, 2008

I'm a Kick Ass Blogger - Yeah Baby!

My friend, Jerry at As The Crackerhead Crumbles, passed on this cool award to me. I'm not really sure how it originated or what it's supposed to say about me so I'll give you my interpretation.

To me, a Kick Ass Blogger is someone who puts her best into her blog and takes the responsibility seriously. Even if their blog is funny or satirical, the blogger cares about her readers and passed on information that is true to the best of her knowledge. A Kick Ass Blogger writes with a purpose and is relentless in pursuit of excellence. A Kick Ass Blogger is an awesome writer and works tirelessly on her craft so that her posts are interesting and informative. A Kick Ass Blogger cares about the blogging community and is active within it.

I hope this is what Jerry meant when he thought of me for this award. I know I think he fits into this category of dedicated bloggers. I do my best with LifePrints and hope that in some small way I am making a contribution to my readers and through them, the world.

I have a few people I'd like to pass this award along to, bloggers who are Kick Ass in my book:

Claudia who owns Museworthy. She's an artist model in New York. Oh how I would have loved to have lived submerged in the art community. She gives me a peek into that world.

Heather runs The Wishful Writer. She's probably getting tired of all the awards I send her way but she deserves them. She's my Hollis Gillespie, my Carol Burnett...I don't know what I'd do without her blog to make me laugh.

And finally, Anok, my favorite anarchist. Her political views and passion never fail to ignite my own. She shares her opinions on Identity Check.

My hat is off to these three bloggers. Keep it coming, ladies. You make me proud to call myself a blogger.


thewishfulwriter said...

sniff. sniff.

how could I EVER grow tired of receiving an award from YOU? Seriously. Not possible.

tired, no. humbled and excited...yes!

And if you keep calling me your Hollis, I may ask you to marry me. Even though we're both already taken. I may not be able to stop myself... :)

Anonymous said...

Lisa, thank you, thank you, thank you!! You're too kind. I'm honored that you consider me a "Kick Ass Blogger"! I do try hard, just like you do with LifePrints.If I have inspired you even half as much as you've inspired me, then I'm doing OK.

Again, I really appreciate the recognition. It means a lot coming from you. Here's to more ass-kicking!


Natasha said...

Hello ^^
I definitely think you're a... 'kick-butt' blogger o: o: o:

I hope Natasha told you that my family and I were sorry about your brother's death back in June. I don't want to bring back the memories but I wanted you to know we heard about it.

Oh... and Lisa... I clicked all the google ads. :3

¡Hasta luego!
Natasha Sushenko

Lisa McGlaun said...


I might not be able to stop myself from running away with You know I love you and your sense of humor and outlook on life. I'm glad you were happy with the award.


Lisa McGlaun said...


You do inspire me. I'd love to live a life given over to creative pursuit. I try with my writing but long ago I chose to be a, I have 14 more years before I can turn completely bohemian.


Lisa McGlaun said...


You're like my youngest fan.Thanks for your support, sweetie and thanks for your concern and kind words about Casey. I appreciate it.

Love you!

FishHawk said...

No, there is absolutely now way that I live up unto those standards, but you sure do!!! Thanks, pretty lady.

Lisa McGlaun said...


I think you're'll just have to live with that