Monday, January 7, 2008

The Caucus - It's About Participation

For the first time in my adult life, I really care about the up coming elections. There have been six presidential elections since I registered to vote and sadly, I've only voted in a handful of those. Now, I understand how important the individual is to this process we call democracy. I have strong opinions and I want someone in Washington who shares my views - the right person doesn't have to match me completely but to get my vote they will be full of hope and a positive, peaceful vision for the future. I'm not listening to the scare tactics. I don't care about the politics of fear.

Starting today I'm volunteering my time to a candidate and plan to participate in my state caucus. I hope that other Americans, like me, are waking up to their civic responsibility. I think what happened in Iowa is an indication of the fervor of our nation and our need for change. More people turned out for the Iowa caucus than ever before. Maybe other states will follow suit and concerned Americans will make their voices heard in record numbers.

My time for blogging may be more limited for the next few weeks but I think it will be time well spent. Instead of talking and writing about people who are affecting change, I'm going to take a moment, move away from my computer and be like those people I so greatly admire.

I'm excited to write about my first caucus experience. I hear they can be very unpredictable, wrought with drama or quick, quiet and boring. We'll see on the 19th.


BookMomma said...

Oh - you will work hard and have SO much fun! Light a blue candle for me down here in this red state... I'm an ALObama Girl at heart!
Thinking of you!

Lisa McGlaun said...

Steph, was a great day and it was Obama's office I worked in. Talk about a diverse group of people. Young, old, white, black...everyone and everybody. I worked the phone banks and had a blast. I took Ethan with me and they fell in love with my little 3 year old man. He thinks he has a job now and wants to go back tomorrow.

Love ya,

The candle is lit, sweetie. I'll keep it burning for ya.

Merlyn Trey Hunter said...

"For the first time in my adult life, I really care about the up coming elections."

There is so much at stake with this election, it can be argued to be the most important one we've had yet. For eight years we have been walking down the same road as Rome and Egypt. Imperialism doesn't suit us as a nation, despite what people in other countries may think.

When Obama won in Iowa, I got a phone call from one of my Brit friends who said "you guys might not be so dumb after all"! Living outside the US, you catch alot of flak for the actions of the people in charge.

Excellent post, I hope you and yours are happy and warm up there!

Lisa McGlaun said...


I'm watching the New Hampshire results now..hoping he can pull it off again. He's running a very close second to Clinton at the moment.


Mr. Grudge said...

Hi Lisa,
I thank you for this post because more people need to understand that voting directly affects their lives. One axiom I always remember is "You may need be interested in politics, but sooner or later, politics will be interested in you." The 2000 election fiasco proved that every vote does indeed count and we should have to employ a group of "chad counters" after every election to sift through the madness. I don't care a person's politics are; I have my own ideas and some may like them and some may not. The level of disharmony in this country is so bad, the shrill comments from both sides of the aisle are so piercing, that is turning people off.

I think we need a candidate to unite us as a nation. I have an idea who that person is and I support that candidate. But your message is well taken, that folks need to be involved. I applaud you for working with your candidate and I wish you tremendous luck with the caucus. Thanks for the excellent post.

Lisa McGlaun said...


The 2000 election and Bush's time in office started me on the path to caring. I've watched for 8 years while my country got more and more off track. I want to do something to change that if I can.

I didn't vote in 2000 I wish I had. I remember getting almost physcially ill watching the debacle with the vote counting and feeling so bad for Gore. I did vote in 2004 and all the local elections since. I'm determined to have a voice from now on.

Best Wishes,