Tuesday, June 19, 2007

For the Incredible Fathers I Know and Love

Even though Father’s Day has already passed, I’d like to take a few moments to thank the men who tirelessly give of themselves to their children. These men are the anchors of their homes, the guiding light their children look for when they are lost, and the giver of the hugs that heal all wounds. These men teach lessons of integrity and responsibility by living the values they wish to teach. They roll on the floor and play with their little ones. They go to every special event. They coach football teams and volunteer to be Den Leaders when no one else wants to step up.Thank you, men, for the shining example you provide our next generation of fathers. Through watching you, your daughters will choose their husbands wisely. So here's to…

Robert Dollar – When his first daughter died, the impossible task of burial arrangements fell on him. And, how do you comfort a young wife, still in the hospital recovering from giving birth? What courage it must have taken to pick out the spot where your child would rest. Then, even more so, to open your heart again to adopt…me. You are one of the most honest men I know. You would go out of your way to take change back to a clerk if he gave you too much. You make sure my mother and your elderly sisters have everything they need. You open you arms to your grandchildren everytime we make the cross-country trek to see you. You gave me my first job in your auto shop and saved money so I could go to college. Thank you Daddy, for always being there for me, no matter what.

Garry McGlaun – A man who was born to be a teacher, not just of his own children but also in church, in the community, and in the college classroom. A man of compassion who quickly accepts what life brings him and makes the best of it all with a smile on his face. A man who takes his grandchildren on canoe rides and trips to his science lab to “play”. From the moment your son brought me to your table for dinner, your smile and easy manner endeared you to me and my children. Thank you for raising such a wonderful, honorable son. Much of what makes your son so incredible came from your quiet wisdom and guidance. Thank you for painting our deck and driving us to the airport and driving for three days with Todd to lug my belongings from the opposite coast.

Michael Leonard – A father who sits by his son’s bedside and prays with him for hours. A father who equally loves the daughter he gave up for adoption, who when she found him again presented her to his surprised family. Bursting with emotion he said, “This is my daughter. Isn’t she beautiful.”

Todd McGlaun – No one could have predicted he’d have five children to raise and one more to take under his wing. His children have his entire heart and soul. They know that no matter what they come first and he would lay down his life for any one of them. His children will always remember that it was Daddy who made and decorated their birthday cakes, Daddy who dropped everything to see them win awards and make touchdowns, and Daddy who held them close through tears in the ER. I’m lucky to be his wife.

Ray Finkel – Cub Master, football coach, tear and bottom wiper, laugh maker, his children’s biggest fan. What a joy it is to watch him with his three children. He’s about to be a grandfather, too.

Brandon Gibbs – Something magical happens when a man waits to have children. There is a rare patience and fascination with his offspring that only an older father brings to the table, a seasoned wisdom to know that with poopy diapers, screaming fits, and sleepless nights…this too shall pass.

The young man on the airplane who played with and soothed his daughter all the way from Las Vegas to Georgia – I don’t know your name or anything about you except that for almost four hours you kept your cool, you sang songs, you cuddled your child and never once said a harsh word to her when she cried.

I don’t know these men but from what I’ve read it would be interesting to spend a day in their homes watching them be the unique people and patriarchs they naturally are. Bono, Gene Simmons of Kiss (don’t laugh, he’s a devoted family man), Jimmy Carter, Al Gore, Nelson Mandela, Tony Blair, Bill Cosby, and Colin Powell.

This is the humble thanks of one woman, daughter, wife, and mother. Thank you for being men I can be proud to say I know and love.


Anonymous said...

Great Job!!
Fathers are a rare breed. I happen to have one myself! He hand-picked me to boot!!! I wouldn't trade anything for him!

Love ya, Dad!

Tina Hutto

Ray Finkel said...

All I can say is Thank You!

I am honored to be among that list. To be listed with the four men above me, and knowing what they mean to you, all I can say is Thank You!

Tear and bottom wiper!

Susanno said...

After read this post, I called my father in the middle of the night just to say thx.

This made him a little confused. But i feel really great after that.

thx for sharing Lis..

Lisa McGlaun said...


I bet your dad will always remember that call. I'm glad what I said touched you. Thank you for letting me know.