Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Things For LifePrints Readers To Do While I'm Out Of Pocket

Later this week I'll be one of the attendees at the sold out Las Vegas Writer's Conference. This awesome weekend is coordinated by the Henderson Writer's Group. I'm also presenting a session on Thursday afternoon about how to get the most out of a conference and sitting on a panel called "The author/agent relationship" on Friday. This is a first for me and to step from the shadows to be on the fringe of the faculty is exciting and scary to say the least.

So this is the last new post for the week. I have so much to do to prepare for presenting, volunteering and pitching a new project that LifePrints is going silent for a few days.

To keep you going, here are a some of my favorite ideas for passing the time:

Read a good book- I recommend Dreams from My Father by Barack Obama, American Gods by Neal Gaiman, WAKE by Lisa McMann, and Writer's Block volume I and II (a collection of stories by Vegas Valley Authors). I have short stories in both volumes. Volume II was released yesterday and will make its debut at the conference.

Watch an amazing movie - Try Waitress or Juno. Those are my latest favorites. For heavier fare, try Blood Diamond, Body of War or Redacted. Or something in the middle, A Mighty Heart or The Pursuit of Happyness.

Check out a good blog - There are many listed in my sidebars and they are all worthy of your support.

Or turn off the computer and spend time with someone you love or doing a good deed for a stranger. Better yet, if you extend yourself in kindness over the next few days, let me know and I will post the details of your good deed.

Have a great week and I'll see you on Monday!


Lisa McMann said...

Have a wonderful conference -- you'll be awesome! Wish I could go to your sessions.

You go, girl!

Lisa McGlaun said...


Did you notice I recommended your book...again..lol. Can't help it. It's so good. You have a great weekend too. Wish you were going to be here to join in the fun but sounds like you are having plenty of your own right now.


Vienne said...

Hi Lisa! Just dropping by to browse your posts, always a good visit. I wish you the best with your conference activities and success with your project.

Cheers, Vienne

Lisa McGlaun said...


Thanks. It was a great weekend. I had encouraging news from my agent so I'm hoping for a book deal any day now! Cross your fingers for me.

Best Wishes,

The HoboNovel Guy said...

My third conference, yet butterflies and involuntary fits of nerves lingered. I'm still pitching and self publishing. This year's conference seemed the most polished, and the standard of faculty established in previous conferences had certainly been met.

I had an "Oh, my gosh" moment when Joe Brown from the LAS VEGAS SUN called me from the audience to explain my HoboNovel.com project.

Following your "Introduction to Blogging" session during the Big Read at the Flamingo Library, I asked Gregory Kompas, a person of may hats, to add HoboNovel blog to my web site. I am indebted to the Henderson Writer's Group on many levels.

Lisa McGlaun said...


That's great! I left the room right before you were called up. If I'd only know that was going to happen. Someone told me about it later. That is so cool! Is he going to do a story on you? I think the Hobo Novel idea you have going is wonderful. Congrats on your new blog..I'll go check it out.