Friday, March 7, 2008

Quick Updates - WAKE and The Last Living WWI Soldier

Lisa McMann's book WAKE hit the shelves on March 5th. I went right out and bought my copy and bragged to the clerk at Border's Book Store that I was friends with the author. I don't know if he was impressed but it was certainly fun for me to say it.

I read WAKE in one sitting. I couldn't put it down. This is a rarity for me. I'm an avid reader but the context of my life makes it nearly impossible to sit for long stretches of time and read. The needs of a large family take first priority. But for WAKE everything stopped. It's a real page turner totally deserving of awards. Lisa has already received her first. WAKE was nominated for the Borders Original Voices Award for the month of May 08. I'm proud of my friend. If you are interested in dreams, mystery, romance, and the paranormal then go get her amazing book.


I am happy to say that President Bush met yesterday with Frank Buckles, the last surviving WWI US soldier. He was brought to the White House to honor his service to our country and to commemorate a series of event highlighting World War I.

Mr. Buckles memory is sharp and at 107 he is in relatively good health. During an interview with a television crew from the Veterans Affairs Administration, Buckles reeled off his military serial number and noted that he's still got his dog tags to remind him. He served before there were Social Security numbers.
I'm still hoping to hear the State Department announce that upon Mr. Buckles death he will be given a State funeral and be buried with the highest honors.


Gregorio said...

Being a vet myself.I am glad to see people giving these individuals credit and the respect they deserve.As a matter of fact I believe that should be extended to the people who were on the other side also.After all we are all members of the human race.With a little hope maybe we will never have to respect anyone for the same reasons(war)again.I know its a pipe dream but there is nothing wrong with being a little optimistic.

Lisa McGlaun said...


When we are ready to honor the fallen or survivors on both sides of a war then we will have crossed the threshold where conflicts resolved without violence. When we think of each other as one race we will look into the eyes of another and see a brother not an enemy.

What a great day that will be..see I'm an optimist too.

Best Wishes,

Lisa McMann said...

I'm so glad you liked WAKE!! Thanks for telling your readers about it. I can't wait to do the same for you one day!

Lisa McGlaun said...


You are welcome. I saw a photo of you at a book signing. You looked really happy. Way to go girl!