Monday, November 26, 2007

Global Warming - What Can One Person Do?

When confronted with the idea that the world could be headed toward catastrophy due to the effects of global warming, most people throw up their hands and say..But what can I do? Changing a few lightbulbs won't really make a difference.

That may be true but we can all do something. This man (he chose to remain anonymous on YouTube) is a science teacher. He's chosen to do something, to share his views on logic and reason. And what he presents is the clearest, easiest to understand presentation about climate change that I've ever seen. No scare tactics, just unadulterated logic. He even asks you to post a comment and let him know if you can find the flaws in his reasoning.

So far over 2 million people have viewed his video. If it causes even one person to lobby their congressman for significant policy changes then he, an anonymous science teacher from who knows where, has done more to help the world than most of us.

What I love about this is he uses his special skills as a teacher to contribute in a proactive way.

What skills do you have? Can you use them to bring about change?

Think about it. You never know. If you'd like to see more of his science videos on YouTube, his user name is wonderingmind42.


Mr. Grudge said...

Hi Lisa, You've found someone who removed politics from the subject and applied common sense. The obstacles we face in cleaning up the planet include gratuitous ignorance. I used to participate on Yahoo! Answers. I posted a question which went something like "Why can't we require car manufacturers to create only hybrid vehicles?" The responses I received were so hostile, I looked at my question again to make sure I wasn't asking something profane. I got everything from "It's a free country, you idiot..." to "Who died and made you king?" and my favorite "Do you want the government telling you what color shirts to wear?" You see? I didn't think I asked a bad question since the auto industry is already well regulated by the federal government, with emissions standards and equiptment requirements such as catalytic converters. The experience was disconcerting, to say the least. I hope everyone sees this video. Sorry about the long-winded comment. Thanks. -Mike

The Uneasy Supplicant said...

Excellent and informative post Lisa.
Thanks for bring Wonderingmind42 to my attention. You're totally right. You pose the question "What skills do you have? Can you use them to bring about change?" It does get a person thinking.

Lisa McGlaun said...


I understand your frustration. And your question was perfectly harmless. I think peoples opinions are changing and it won't be long until we solve this problem.


Lisa McGlaun said...


I often wonder if there is more that I can do. I try to use this blog and my writing skills to promote understanding. I could do more as we all could.


Sub Lumen said...

I agree with Mike that removing the politics from this issue is a good thing. Up until now in this country, it's been a left vs. right thing and that polarization has stymied progress. I respect Al Gore for not using his Nobel Peace Prize as a stepping-stone to another presidential campaign. That would have cheapened the award and further maintained the polarized status quo. Instead he put the cause above any residual political ambition.

Nice video, and nice blog!


Lisa McGlaun said...


You are so right about Al Gore. I respect him greatly and the work he's doing but I wouldn't want to see him run for president again. I think he is best suited to motivate people outside of that office. Just look at the shift in thinking after his movie came out. It's amazing.

We still have a long way to go but thanks to his tireless efforts people are finally listening.